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Vasco da Gamma PowerPoint Presentation
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Vasco da Gamma

Vasco da Gamma

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Vasco da Gamma

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  1. Vasco da Gamma A gallery prepared by: Adrianna Owcarz

  2. During today's lesson I will tell you about Vasco da Gamma. This is his story ... It is interesting. Who was he? …

  3. Little Vasco Vasco da Gamma was born in 1469 in Sines in Portugal. It is little known about his youth. Vasco da Gamma came from a noble family. His father was a Governor of Sines and the city judge, his mother came from England. Vasco was their third son.

  4. The beginnings of Vasco's education He studied in Lisbon. In 1484 he bacame a sailor. He studied the anatomy and navigating at the school in Evor. In 1492 he commanded the defence of the Portuguese colony against French.

  5. First trips... In the early fifteenth century the Portuguese school of navigation, of prince Henry Sailors, contributed to widening knowledge of Africa. At the beginning of 60s XV century sailors wanted to gain the access to India which was full of pepper and other spices.

  6. On 8th July 1497 Vasco da Gamma left Lisbon with four ships (Sao Gabriel, Sao Rafael, Berrio and a transport ship of unknown name) and 160 crew people. They headed India. In the Ermida to Restelo chapel, Vasco da Gama and his crew prayed at the night before departure. On the way back many members of the crew died on the scurvy. Only 55 people reached Portugal. After his return to Portugal in September 1499, Vasco da Gamma was generously awarded as a man who managed to complete the plan which implementation took eight years. He received the title of "Admiral of Indian seas".

  7. Images of the vessel :

  8. Last trip... On 12th February 1502 he sailed back to India at the head of the fleet consisting of twenty ships. He wanted to enforce Portuguese interests in India.

  9. He died on 24th December 1524 in Kroczno.The sarcophagus of Vasco's remains is in the monastery in the suburb of Lisbon.

  10. Vasco's sarphofagus

  11. You already know who Vasco da Gama was. I hope you enjoyed the story. I think that he was a remarkable man.

  12. your text • produced by Adrianna Owcarz • ZS G i SP nr 13 • Zawiercie, Poland