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Vasco da Gama. Alentejo. Born. Sines. 1460. Father. Estêvão da Gama. Mother. Isabel Sodr. December. 24, 1524. Died. Location of Death. Cochin India. Age. Occupation. Explorer. Military Naval Commander. He Married. Catarina de Ataide. Did Vasco Da Gama have any children?.

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Vasco da gama





Vasco da gama


Estêvão da Gama

Vasco da gama


Isabel Sodr

Vasco da gama


24, 1524


Vasco da gama

Location of Death

Cochin India

Vasco da gama



Military Naval Commander

Vasco da gama

He Married

Catarina de Ataide

Vasco da gama

Did Vasco Da Gama have any children?

  • It is said that he had six sons and one daughter.

Vasco da gama


The explorer that I choose is Vasco da Gama. Vasco da Gama is a famous Portuguese sailor which sailed past the southern tip of Africa and reached India in a short period of time. Vasco da Gama is a fascinating sailor.

In that time he was not only a Sailor but also a military commander!

Vasco da gama

Did Vasco da Gama go to School?

  • As a matter of fact, he went to school most likely in the town of Evora.

  • He studied Astronamy and Navigation.

Vasco da gama

Who sent Vasco G. ?

Rei Manuel I of Portugal.

Vasco da gama

What did Vasco Da Gama take from Mombasa?

  • Spices e.g.: Mdalasini (cinnamon), karafuu (cloves), pili pili manga (black pepper) and pili pili hoho - Swahili for hot chili... and many other spices.

Vasco da gama

Vasco da gama

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