canada the arsenal of democracy n.
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Canada: The Arsenal of Democracy

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Canada: The Arsenal of Democracy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Canada: The Arsenal of Democracy. How the War Changed our International Identity . Democracy. Def’n : the political orientation of those who favor government by the people or by their elected representatives

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canada the arsenal of democracy

Canada: The Arsenal of Democracy

How the War Changed our International Identity

  • Def’n:
    • the political orientation of those who favor government by the people or by their elected representatives
    • a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them

What does democracy mean to you, knowing so many Canadian soldiers gave their lives for the preservation of this process?

how we helped
How we helped
  • Canada provided a great deal of economic support to Allied countries during World WarII
    • Gave $3.4 billion to Allied countries
  • In 1939 Canada put $5.6 billion into the war
    • By 1945 Canada invested $11.8 billion per year in to the war
our economic boom
Our Economic Boom
  • Aluminum
    • Used in the production of aircraft because it is rust proof and light weight
  • Paper
    • Previous world leaders in paper were Norway and Sweden, but that area was German occupied and shipment to Allied countries was prohibited
  • Oil
    • It takes oil to wage war, and we found some in Alberta
gross domestic product
Gross Domestic Product
  • The value of all goods (such as food, cars, airplanes) and services (such as nursing, insurance, and education) produced in a country in one year.

Value of Canada’s gross domestic product (total value of all goods and services produced)

changes to canada s economy
Changes to Canada’s Economy
  • Canada’s economy was previously based on agriculture
    • It was overtaken by industry
      • Manufacturing was now much more important
  • Investments in mining, production, transportation and service industries increased
  • Cities and suburbs became the big contributors to the Canadian economy
canadian identity
Canadian Identity

World War II is often called the good war?


he says it was a good war
He says it was a good war

It was a good war. I’m not talking about a good war from the standpoint of a high moral purpose. If going out and killing millions of Germans to get Hitler off his pedestal is a high moral purpose, then I’m all for it.

But it was a good war for Canada too, because it made us a great nation. I mean it showed what we could do. We just weren’t a bunch of wheat farmers and Nova Scotia fishermen and lumberman in BC. We were a nation. A big and tough and strong nation.

  • Barry Broadfoot
international effects
International Effects
  • Canada established itself as a middle power
    • Smaller than the big, but wealthier than the small
  • Started taking on a globally active role
  • As a middle power Canada would play a vital role in creating the United Nations
internationally our soldiers
Internationally our soldiers …
  • Our soldiers through some very heroic fighting gained a reputation for being effective and fearless
    • Especially in:
      • Dieppe
      • Hong Kong
      • Normandy
      • Liberation of Holland
back at home
Back at home
  • There were large contributions to the war by black and aboriginal people
    • This was formally recognized by the Canadian Government and the international community
  • This helped with the cause of civil rights in Canada
  • Women also were recognized for their contributions
and this all lead to
And this all lead to …
  • The recognized contributions by minority groups lead to:
    • Canada being a more tolerant nation (less discrimination of minorities)
  • The other effect of the war on Canada was the baby boom
    • Men who came home started families (large families)
    • Many women who met soldier over seas moved to Canada with the families that they started while the war was in progress
      • These women were called the “war brides”
start studying
Start Studying
  • Your test for WW II is on February 22, 2011
  • You will need to know
    • Why WW II happened
      • The rise of totalitarianism
      • Germany under Hitler
      • Fundamental causes
      • Immediate causes
    • The events of the European and Pacific theaters
      • The battles and battle styles
start studying1
Start Studying
  • Canada on the home front
    • Conscription and the plebiscite
    • Japanese internment
    • Spies
    • NRMA
  • Issues and Politics
    • Holocaust
    • Atom Bombing
  • What we learned about today
    • Our international image post war

Totalitarianism U-Boats

Mussolini Convoys

Hitler Italian Campaign

NAZI Operation Overlord/ D Day

Anti-Semitism V-E Day

Blitzkrieg Pearl Harbour

Luftwaffe POW

Battle of Britain V-J Day

Dieppe RCAF Women’s Division



Enemy Aliens Internment Camps

Holocaust Final Solution

Auschwitz Tehran

Yalta Potsdam