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  1. Agenda • Introductions • Presentation on the Community Schools Movement (Jose Muñoz) • Public media efforts to reduce dropouts (Michael Kamins) • Goals of our meeting today • Projects working in the community – group input • Recap of partner work done so far • Group work - refinement of messages and stories • Next steps

  2. About Community Schools Presentation by Jose Muñoz

  3. What is Public Media Doing Now? Presentation by Executive Producer, Michael Kamins

  4. The goal of our work today is to answer these three questions • What is working already? • Does the public know enough about these efforts? • What media stories and messages are most important?

  5. Group Discussion HOMEWORK – Solutions from the community Name some programs that are impacting dropout crisis (besides your own programs)

  6. Homework from Suzan Reagan who could not make it today: • Job Corp – Job Corps is the Federal Government's free education and training program for economically challenged youth, ages 16 to 24. Job Corps' mission is to teach young adults the skills they need to become employable and independent, and place them in meaningful careers or higher education. Albuquerque contact Chris Monette 505-222-4140 • Jobs for American’s Graduates – Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) is a state-based national non-profit organization dedicated to preventing dropouts among young people who are most at-risk. NM contact Kay Provolt 505-239-9270 • Workforce Investment Act Youth Programs – WIA Youth Programs provide job hunting, training and career planning assistance for youth. Statewide contact Charles Pacheco 505-827-0673 or Delores Haley 505-841-8429 there are four local Workforce Investment Act areas in the state.

  7. Recap of community work so far Education Community Priorities Survey Three main Themes • School and Community Partnerships • Family Engagement • Student Engagement

  8. Group Framework 3 Priority Areas

  9. School Community partnerships – What are the messages and stories? • Highlight positive education stories, programs, students, and teachers • celebrate success • how to go to college • how to complete job applications • How to apply to community college, vocational college, internship programs, AmeriCorps • how to engage in our own community • highlight a great community school • Highlight positive and supportive accountability vs. punitive reaction

  10. School & Community Partnerships • Highlight some specific activities in community schools: Manzano Mesa, Pajarito, Helen Cordero, La Mesa, ACLCP sites, Elev8 sites, and charter schools. Highlight different approaches to school community partnerships in a community school context. Tell some stories about best/promising practices in community schools (including the importance of having a coordinator for these initiatives across schools). • Specific examples: JAG program and Junior Achievement working together in schools. Manzano Mesa Elementary School where parents are encouraged to tutor students besides their own children, the purpose being to provide homework help. • Two major target audiences: Community members who want to help but don’t know how to access the system or who to contact; policy makers and decision makers at state, district, and school level who could benefit from concrete examples of how to engage community in a meaningful way.

  11. Family Engagement – What are the public media messages/stories? • Have the conversation with parents to tease out how they see the value of education; • highlight programs that are working in the community; • advertise work of Families United and similar groups • positive messages and success stories of schools; • families are welcome in school; • examples of toolkit how to engage for parents; • highlighting successful engaging schools; • parents mentoring other parents

  12. Family Engagement Message Ideas • What are parent’s expectations of their school? More dialogue between schools and parents. • What are society’s expectations for parents? Make sure your kids get to school. • What are the school’s expectations of the parents?

  13. Student engagement – What are the stories/messages? • Non-English parents and their challenges • students that have excelled and are doing incredible things • focus on the value of education • transferrable skills • New Mexico teacher stories • stories that break the myths • Produce a town hall series • profile individual engaged students • Focus on some student produced media • connect with on-air programming through call in, social media • Teacher professional development stories

  14. Student Engagement Messages • School programs relate to real work – examples • Parents tell the messages to other parents • Raise awareness about mentoring as a solution for individual kids • Community members tell others about successful student engagement stories • Get business community involved: empower merchants to ask questions about why kids are in their businesses and not in school? • Students tell other students about the importance of staying engaged • Messages about social interaction • Harness technology to engage students

  15. Three small group discussions New Mexico PBS staff will help refine those messages and clarify stories. Tell us your best message

  16. Next Meeting Right Here! July 9, 10 AM – 11:30 Laurel Wyckoff, Education and Outreach American Graduate, New Mexico PBS LearningMedia, Community Engagement, Public Square 277-8296