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Floods. By;Shyanne Rogers Mr.Shepard. Interesting pictuure 3. http://www.riverdalecity.com/meetings_events/flood_99/SlideShow/Flood.htm. A flood is causes of many events such as intense rainfalls. What causes a flood?. http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/tfx/hydro/FAW/fawmain.php?wfo=tfx.

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  1. Floods By;Shyanne Rogers Mr.Shepard

  2. Interesting pictuure 3 http://www.riverdalecity.com/meetings_events/flood_99/SlideShow/Flood.htm

  3. A flood is causes of many events such as intense rainfalls. What causes a flood? http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/tfx/hydro/FAW/fawmain.php?wfo=tfx

  4. How long does a flood last? • Depends on how high the water is it can last several days an nites. http://www.kidcyber.com.au/topics/floods.htm

  5. Interesting picture 1 http://pasc.met.psu.edu/PA_Climatologist/extreme/Floods/PEMA_flood.html

  6. Interesting picture 2 http://www.life.illinois.edu/bio100/lectures/fall98lects/05f98-succession.html

  7. How floods occur? • Floods happen generally when it is in a rainy season .How ever if there is a majior thunderstorm ,hurricane and or a tornado ,it can flood as well. http://www.storm2k.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=106731&p=1929490

  8. Is a flood dangerous to property people etc? • Yes because you could drowned ,dye, get a bacterial infections ,deceases . http://www.worldproutassembly.org/archives/2006/08/fears_of_more_f.html

  9. What kind of damage to property can a flood do if any? • It takes homes away ,people ,and can flood cars http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/china/2139097/China-earthquake-Floods-force-survivors-to-abandon-homes.html

  10. What are Floods? • A flood is any great amount of water where it’s not wanted. http://www.st-ives.info/history/Floods/

  11. Interesting facts flash floods can occur many miles away from another storm.If you are under a flash flood warning,you are in danger even though it may not be raining were you are at.j • The vast majority of people get killed in sever storms or a flash flood are males because they dill with it more than feamales.also people can die from staying in their veicale while a flood.

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