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Floods. By Caitlin, Lily, Nicola, Sam and Richard. How does a flood happen?.

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  1. Floods By Caitlin, Lily, Nicola, Sam and Richard

  2. How does a flood happen? A flood happens when too much rain falls brought by stormy weather and stormy winds. Rivers burst their banks and the water spills onto the land strong winds blowing across the sea and makes huge waves and destroys the land.

  3. What is a flash flood? A flash flood is a quick flood caused by a sudden cloudburst or thunder storm. Huge amounts of water falls in cities and towns in a short time.

  4. River Floods This is the most common type of flooding. When the actual amount of river flow is larger than the amount that the channel can hold, river will overflow its banks and flood the areas alongside the river. And this may cause by reasons like snow melt or heavy spring rain.

  5. Coastal floods Coastal flooding can be caused by strong winds blowing waves onto the land. Hurricanes and major storms produce most coastal floods. Very high tides and tsunamis also flood in coasts.

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  7. Urban floods In most of the urban area roads are usually paved. With heavy rain the large amount of rain water cannot be absorbed into the ground and leads to urban floods.

  8. Arroyo Flood A arroyo is river which is normally dry. When there are storms approaching these areas, fast-moving river will normally form along the gully and cause damages.

  9. Rapid-onset flood Rapid-Onset Floods last for a relatively shorter period, they usually last for one or two days only. Although this kind of flood lasts for a shorter period.

  10. Thank you for watching our presentation on floods hope you enjoyed.

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