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TECH POINT eLearning Training

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TECH POINT eLearning Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TECH POINT eLearning Training. Overview of components and suggested activities. Suggested Components. The TECH POINT eLearning modules are self-contained and can be used independently, however the following components/activities are suggested to achieve maximum impact:

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TECH POINT eLearning Training

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    1. TECH POINT eLearning Training Overview of components and suggested activities

    2. Suggested Components • The TECH POINT eLearning modules are self-contained and can be used independently, however the following components/activities are suggested to achieve maximum impact: • Introductory Workshop • Online eLearning Follow-up • Discussion Forums • Summary and Analysis

    3. Part 1: Introductory Workshop • Face-to-Face workshop/seminar preferred • Look at overall use of rehabilitation technology resources/services • Emphasis on employment outcomes • Inviting technology providers to be involved suggested • Small group/case study activity emphasis • Explain follow-up training and activities

    4. Part 2:TECH POINT – Eight online eLearning Modules • Introduction to TECH POINTS • Seven individual TECH POINT modules • TP1 Referral Application • TP2 Assessment/Evaluation • TP3 Plan Development • TP4 Planned Services • TP5 Placement • TP6 Tracking and Documentation • TP7 Post-Employment

    5. TECH POINT Modules • Pathfinder Associates will: • Develop customized series TECH POINTmodules for GWU-TACE use in Region 3 • Modules will include generic FAQ information; regional resources and information; • Work on modules can begin immediately • Individual modules will be uploaded for review/approval/invoicing • Process should be completed in 2-4 weeks

    6. Part 3: Discussion Board • Scheduled to coincide with each online module • Moderated Board remain open for full week • Minimum two posts required/expected • Email announcement/follow-up to encourage involvement • Moderator or participants post questions or scenarios to address state specific issues/needs • Invite different technology providers from state as “guest experts” suggested

    7. Part 3: Other Options • Webinars addressing specific topics/issues could be considered as alternative or supplement for discussion boards • Suggestion is to consider webinar option for future training to follow-up on needs/issues that are identified

    8. Part 4: Training Summary and Analysis • Moderator/facilitator would compile brief analysis of feedback that TACE can share with participating VR agencies/programs to assist with strategic planning to address technology-related needs • Analysis could help to identify need/content for possible webinar or other follow-up activities

    9. Options for delivering eLearning training modules • The TECH POINT modules could be provided directly from the GWU-TACE or Pathfinder website/server • Learning management software (LMS) would be required • Suggested to schedule modules/discussion boards approximately 2-4 weeks apart • Other uses such as component for new staff orientationw

    10. Support and Technical Assistance • Pathfinder Associates will be available to provide ongoing technical support through GWU-TACE as needed for: • Fielding technology-related questions/issues • Facilitating/moderating discussion boards • Working with agencies/programs on requests such as Delaware request to incorporate TECH POINT reminders into case management system

    11. Additional Information: Incentives • Providing CEU credit for completion of the eLearning modules and participation on the discussion boards is suggested • Successful completion of quiz for each TP module (80% correct; multiple attempts allowed) • Minimum number of two posts to the DB could be manually confirmed by facilitator/moderator • Consider providing Certificate of Completion

    12. Summary • This information summarizes the use of the TECH POINT eLearning modules as the core component of a suggested four-part training approach. • Contact me with any questions. • Tony Langton – 803.767.8043 •