over a thousand years ago n.
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Over a thousand years ago….

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Over a thousand years ago…. In the Sind area of India * * ( present south central Pakistan). An exodus was spurred by a series of invasions by ( Mahmoud of Ghanzi of Afghanistan in 1001 A.D. Mahmoud of Gorh 1191 A.D. And Ghenghis Khan from Mongolia in 1215 A.D.

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Further Invasions by the Seljuk Turks attacked the near east and further pushed the Gypsies onward towards the west into the Byzantine Empire. (present day Turkey.)

They were people of many castes such as nobles, counts, blacksmiths, basket weavers, fortune tellers, and entertainers.

They also resorted to swindling, the usual scam involved to claim to be Christians doomed to wander a penance, collect food , moneys and letters of protection from the city and then continue to the next town.


This pattern of mischevious behavior by some Gypsy bands enticed rulers and town governments to start banning Gypsies, usually citing theft, fortunetelling, begging and sometimes espionage as the reasons.


Despite these bannings and also instances of being held into bondage in some parts of Europe, the Gypsy people travelled all across the continent and by 1425 had reached Spain.

It was not until 1514 that Gypsies entered the British Isles due to the late 15th century Spanish policies banning Gypsies.
In migrations from England in 1850 the Romnichels or English Gypsies reached North America and thrived as horse traders basket makers.

and in the 1880’s

the Rom or Eastern European Gypsies from Serbia, Russia, and


If all human beings originated in Africa, aren’t we all like the gypsies and aren’t they just like us ???