how the hosting service affects the seo of your n.
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Website Hosting Service Provider – Memset

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Website Hosting Service Provider – Memset - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Memset considers customer’s trust to be of the highest value. They maintain strict security and compliance controls. It is one of the best hosting service providers in the UK. To know more visit at

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how the hosting service affects the seo of your

How the Hosting Service Affects the SEO of Your Website

You create quality content, build links, and market your services all over the internet. However, all these

SEO efforts go in vain if the foundation aspects don’t work properly. These foundation aspects include

the design of your site and the hosting you get for that.

Many people ask whether the website hostingaffects the SEO or not. They need to know that the

hosting service provider directly impacts the SEO quality of your website. In fact, a low-quality hosting

can restrict you from gaining high rankings and traffic for your web pages. This is the reason why having

a cheap hosting plan doesn’t prove to be as cost-effective as you think. In the long run, the site loses

traffic and rankings.

Here are all the factors through which the website hosting quality decides the SEO of your website.

1. The security of the website

The security means everything in the digital world. Both search engines and website users give an

immense level of importance to the site’s security. Google can even penalize you for not following the

security guidelines. Plus, your traffic starts reducing as the users come to know the security issues on

your website. To obtain the respect, you need to provide a secure platform for your target market.

Of course, you can do a lot of things to make your site a secure platform. However, a major portion of

security measurements come under the quality of hosting your site has. The security of the server keeps

the site safe from the unwanted breaches, viruses, and malware. And that is what search engines look


2. The location of the server

Google has evolved over a period of time in terms of search results. The search engine presents

location-based results for the searchers to help them out effectively. Your website will get enlisted in the

results, if you have hosted in on a server that is in your locality.

This is why the location of the server matters a lot. For instance, if you are an India based website, then

it is always wise to have an Indian hosting service provider. This way, you can send the right location

signals to the search engines and obtain higher rankings in the search results.

so it is clear that the location of the website

So, it is clear that the location of the website hosting server puts a direct impact on the rankings you


3. The speed of the server

Among all the user experience factors, search engines pay a great attention to the page load speed,

server speed, and the downtime. The speed of the website matters because there are thousands of

other sites that are swift and ready to help the consumers. People need information, and they need it

fast. No one wants to wait for the servers to respond. Hence, the speed matters. And if the host is not

effective in this department, it directly harms your SEO efforts.

All in all, having a secure, high performing, and location-based hosting is the prime need for your

website. These are the foundations of SEO that you receive with the hosting service.

To know more visit