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New revenue streams for Web Hosting Providers

Discover new revenue streams for Web Hosting Providers by using a web service for MySQL management: http://novaquantum.com

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New revenue streams for Web Hosting Providers

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  1. Company and Product presentation 21st of April 2010

  2. The Team and Company values • Michael Deacon, CEO and Co-founder, Infrastructure Architect with more than 15 years experience in IT industry. • Edward Constantin, CTO and Co-founder, Software Architect with over 20 years of experience in software development. • The company deeply values innovation and this is the driving force behind its research and development. It strives to provide the stepping stones that lead to new standards for database management. • NovaQuantum values both its employees and its customers and places high importance on honest business practices. It takes its obligations seriously and provides reliable and professional customer service.

  3. Current Market Overview • As of April 2010, none of the top 50 Web Hosting companies in the world were using a Web 2.0 product to manage their MySQL servers. In a world where Cloud Computing and SaaS (both of which are strategic Web 2.0 concepts) are the market trends, there is an exciting opportunity to set a new standard for the industry by offering consumers such a product. • The flagship software of NovaQuantum is A.R.M.S: Advanced Resource Management System, a fully fledged Web 2.0 product for managing MySQL servers.

  4. Give more for less • The web hosting industry is being driven by merciless competition and customers are expecting to have more features included in their hosting package, for the same money • Power users are always looking for tools to improve their productivity (time is money!) and the first stop in this quest is their web hosting provider • The time for static web tools or standalone products has passed: Web 2.0 is here to stay!

  5. Competition • A.R.M.S. stands in a very unique market position at this time, as it is the only product of its kind available anywhere in the world. • With no other products that offer a full Web 2.0 interface for MySQL management, the closest competitor is an Open Source product that uses static web pages: PHPMyAdmin.

  6. Business model Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): a software delivery method that provides access to the application and its functions as a Web-based service. SaaS allows organizations to access business functionality at a lower cost than paying for licensed applications since SaaS pricing is based on a low monthly fee. Some important benefits: • Regular non-disruptive platform upgrades • Single platform where new features and function are added seamlessly • Upselling potential • Low Risk of Investment • Our solution will have ROI in less than 30 days

  7. What this means for you • The ability to offer your clients a software that would improve productivity for database management. • An opportunity to make your customers happy by offering a value added service that cannot be found anywhere else. • An increase in the market share and a chance to set a new standard for online management of MySQL by offering a web service with a lot more features than the most commonly used alternative. • Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service models are gaining more followers all the time, and having a product in your portfolio that has been built from the ground up with those trends in mind, will bring a competitive advantage.

  8. New Revenue Streams • Upselling the full featured version of the application to power users • New customers attracted by the Go-to-market joint effort • Lower customer attrition due to the increased customer satisfaction generated by the provision of an innovative and unique Web 2.0 product • Strategic market advantage (nobody else provides a web service like this) will bring new customers

  9. Benefits for Web Hosting providers A.R.M.S. delivered via SaaS on premises includes a lot of benefits: • Free Trial : It allows a no-risk opportunity for customers to try the product in their familiar environment • Ease of use • Very low upfront capital investment • Ongoing, seamless updates & service improvements over time – free of charge • Rapid deployment • Simplicity in support model – technical support is delivered to your company instead of end user customers • Reduced risk • Offers customers the option to terminate their subscriptions in the event that they no longer require the service • Vested partnerships • Our agreements are dependent upon reoccurring subscription renewals therefore all partners have a financially vested interest in the customer’s satisfaction and software success

  10. Thank you! • For more information about our product, please visit: www.novaquantum.com • A fully functional live demo can be found online: demo.advancedrms.net • Contact info: info@novaquantum.com

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