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Continued Review

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Continued Review.

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1. A cross between a blue blahblah bird & a white blahblah bird produces offspring that are silver.  The color of blahblah birds is determined by just two alleles.a) What are the genotypes of the parent blahblah birds in the original cross?b) What is/are the genotype(s) of the silver offspring?c) What would be the phenotypic ratios of offspring produced by two silver blahblah birds?


2.  The color of fruit for plant "X" is determined by two alleles.  When two plants with orange fruits are crossed the following phenotypic ratios are present in the offspring: 25% red fruit, 50% orange fruit, 25% yellow fruit.  What are the genotypes of the parent orange-fruited plants?


A very common phenotype used in questions is roan fur in cattle.  Cattle can be red (RR = all red hairs), white (WW = all white hairs), or roan (RW = red & white hairs together). 

a) This roan fur is an example of what type of inheritance


1. Predict the phenotypic ratios of offspring when a homozygous white cow is crossed with a roan bull.

2. What should the genotypes & phenotypes for parent cattle be if a farmer wanted only cattle with red fur?


A cross between a black cat & a tan cat produces a tabby pattern (black & tan fur together).

a) What pattern of inheritance does this illustrate? b) What percent of kittens would have tan fur if a tabby cat is crossed with a black cat?

according to what states that a pair of factors is separated during the formation of gametes
According to what; states that a pair of factors is separated during the formation of gametes
  • Law of independent assortment
  • Law of segregation
  • Law of gene expression
  • Law of mendels rule
  • I don’t know

Looking at the picture what law does this represent, the idea that factors randomly separate during formation of gametes

  • Law of random separation
  • Law of independent assortment
  • Law of segregation
Explain why Mendel began his experiments by allowing pea plants to self pollinate for several generations.

By allowing the plants to self pollinate Mendel ensured that he had true breeding plants, meaning the plants would ONLY produce more plants exactly like the parent. He ensured there would be NO chance of the offspring to be genetically different than the parent by self pollinating multiple times and examining the offspring for phenotypic differences, if there were, he eliminated that plant.


A cross between two pea plants that have axial flowers and inflated pods gives the following results: 20 that have axial flowers and inflated pods, 7 with axial flowers and constricted pods, and 5 with terminal flowers and inflated pods. Identify the most probable genotype of the two parents

Are you stuck?

Hint: axial and inflated pods are dominant


My answer is complete, well thought out and correct. I have proven my answer with multiple lines of supporting detail from the question and my predicted genotypes fit the description of the results. I am confident in my answer with its length, detail and correctness.

My response only has one line of evidence supported. I have came up with an answer that seems correct but I lack confidence that it is complete and that I have examined all possibilities

I took an educated guess, I tried but my answer is weak and I am not confident in it

Nope I do not know how to approach solving this problem.

This is a dihybrid cross between flower position and pod shape, axial is dominate (Aa) and inflated is dominate (Ii) I come to this conclusion because most of the offspring show the same trait. While the other trait is shown too. This means both the parents must at the least carry the recessive trait for it to show.

Looking at the results: 20 show both dominate:7 show one dominate:5 show the other dominate.For a total of 32 offspring

20/32 = 10/16

7/32 = 3.5/16

5/32 = 2.5/16

This appears to be a very close ratio to 9:3:3:1 This must mean that the both parents’ genotypes are most likely to be heterozygous for both traits (AaIi)