ks bedrift ks enterprises the norwegian employers organisation for locally owned enterprises n.
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  1. KS BEDRIFT – KS Enterprises (The Norwegian employers’ organisation for locally owned enterprises) Organises more than 500 companies in the municipal and county council sector, with a total workforce of appr. 13.000 people Our members are wholly or partly owned by municipalities and county councils, or wholly or partly privately owned

  2. Continued… • Our goal is to protect and promote the common interests of our member companies with respect to employer issues and industry policy issues • We pride ourselves in our role as the number one specialist in Norway on companies from the municipal sector • W arrange conferences and courses for individual companies or members within a specific industry • - on legal issues, and a wide range of other business related topics

  3. Continued… • We cover a wide range of vital industries – such as energy, waste disposal, harbours, water and sewage systems, auditing, property management, schools, health and cultural institutions • KS Enterprises has its own board of directors, and is as such an independent organisation, run by its members • We are, however, an integrated part of KS – the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities, and, consequently, we can draw on their expertise and important channels of influence of national politics

  4. CSR and CEEP It is important for KS Enterprises to promote the ideas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As is the case in the private sector, the issues of CSR likewise represents a major challenge to publicly owned enterprises and their ownersCorporate Social Responsibility is our visionAs a long-time member of CEEP (represents providers of services of general interest at the European level), we are also working for the improvement of our members’ external conditions at the European level.

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