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  2. The road to San Jacinto • Santa Anna ordered his troops to burn every town and settlement in path • Also believed that revolution was over, left armies in command of Filisola • Thought capturing the temp govt. would be easy • Filisolaconvinced Santa Anna to delay his turn to Mexico

  3. Houston builds his army • Convention of 1836 names him commander in chief • Went to join army in Gonzales • In Gonzales 370 volunteers- who had answered cries of help from Alamo. Little too late..2 days later Alamo fell • Houston's army -400 men who were untrained • Decided to flee than fight • Houston told Fannin to leave Goliad and blow up garrison there and join him ( we know Fannins fate)

  4. Houston retreats • March 13, 1836 • Drilled at burnhams crossing • More volunteers showed up • 1400 soldiers • Found out Fannins fate • Retreated to Brazos river • Men losing faith in Houston

  5. Runaway scrape • People panicked because Houston was retreating • Heard about Alamo and massacre and people were fleeing • Most people headed east to Sabine River • This was known as runaway scrape

  6. Houston trains his army • March 29, 1836 Houston reaches San Felipe de Austin • Stayed at Groce's Plantation to train army • Houston used an African American scout to gather intel on Santa Anna's troops

  7. Mexicans move east • Santa Anna failed to defeat the units left to defend the water crossing at the Brazos ..moved downriver • Santa Anna divided troops and sent one column to get the temp govt. • Sam Houston moved toward the San Jacinto river • Received 2 cannons from Cincinnati --" twin sisters" • Houston moved his troops south to engage the Mexicans


  9. Eve of battle • April 20,1836 • Santa Anna's army is moving into position along the river • Santa Anna knew his position left him vulnerable but he thought the Texans wouldn't attack • Mirabeau Lamar fought with the Mexican army ( he led the cavalry)

  10. San Jacinto soldiers • 20-30 Tejanos commanded by Juan Seguin • Originally Houston didn't want them to fight, men may confuse friend and foe. • Seguin and his men were allowed to fight - wore cardboard worn in hatbands so the army would know they were not Mexican troops • Many soldiers came from America , immigrants , Mexicans all walks of life. Professionals as well as the uneducated

  11. Houston calls a council of war • April 21,1836 • Santa Anna had about 850 troops and General Cos had brought in 540 more • Cos' men were tired and were allowed to take a nap • Houston called a council to discuss attack or defensive and wait for Mexicans to attack

  12. Remember the Alamo • The bridge of escape for both forces had been blown up • Houston orders the advance • Texans surprised the Mexicans who were resting and effectively destroyed their fortifications and artillery • Chaos was everywhere • Battle lasted 18 minutes

  13. Mexicans suffer heavy losses • Battle of San Jacinto left 10 dead and 30 wounded on Texans side • Houston wounded - ankle shattered • Santa Anna suffered great losses due to inexperienced soldiers • Santa Anna was captured as well as 730 soldiers, 630 had been killed • Santa Anna had been found hiding in a soldiers uniform

  14. Santa Anna was taken to Houston • Santa Anna didn't take any responsibility for his loss at San Jacinto • He was forced to sign a letter instructing General Filisosa to withdrawal from Texas

  15. Navy and the coast • 4 ships strong!! • Brought supplies as well as defended the waters • Kept the Mexican armies from re supplying

  16. Treaties of Velasco • Santa Anna was forced to sign 2 treaties in the new capital at Velasco • Public treaty- Santa Anna promised to never fight the texans again , ordered all Mexican forces from Texas, exchange of prisoners, return all property taken • Secret treaty- in exchange for his life- Santa Anna was to work toward Mexican recognition of Texas independence, also make Rio Grande southern boundary . He was escorted back to Mexico.

  17. Texans want revenge • Many wanted Santa Anna dead. • Angry troops stopped Santa Anna from sailing back to Mexico and allowed him to leave months later • Texans had won freedom! • The age of the republic of Texas will begin