independence won chapter 11 n.
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INDEPENDENCE WON CHAPTER 11. The road to San Jacinto. Santa Anna ordered his troops to burn every town and settlement in path Also believed that revolution was over, left armies in command of Filisola Thought capturing the temp govt. would be easy

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the road to san jacinto
The road to San Jacinto
  • Santa Anna ordered his troops to burn every town and settlement in path
  • Also believed that revolution was over, left armies in command of Filisola
  • Thought capturing the temp govt. would be easy
  • Filisolaconvinced Santa Anna to delay his turn to Mexico
houston builds his army
Houston builds his army
  • Convention of 1836 names him commander in chief
  • Went to join army in Gonzales
  • In Gonzales 370 volunteers- who had answered cries of help from Alamo. Little too late..2 days later Alamo fell
  • Houston's army -400 men who were untrained
  • Decided to flee than fight
  • Houston told Fannin to leave Goliad and blow up garrison there and join him ( we know Fannins fate)
houston retreats
Houston retreats
  • March 13, 1836
  • Drilled at burnhams crossing
  • More volunteers showed up
  • 1400 soldiers
  • Found out Fannins fate
  • Retreated to Brazos river
  • Men losing faith in Houston
runaway scrape
Runaway scrape
  • People panicked because Houston was retreating
  • Heard about Alamo and massacre and people were fleeing
  • Most people headed east to Sabine River
  • This was known as runaway scrape
houston trains his army
Houston trains his army
  • March 29, 1836 Houston reaches San Felipe de Austin
  • Stayed at Groce's Plantation to train army
  • Houston used an African American scout to gather intel on Santa Anna's troops
mexicans move east
Mexicans move east
  • Santa Anna failed to defeat the units left to defend the water crossing at the Brazos ..moved downriver
  • Santa Anna divided troops and sent one column to get the temp govt.
  • Sam Houston moved toward the San Jacinto river
  • Received 2 cannons from Cincinnati --" twin sisters"
  • Houston moved his troops south to engage the Mexicans
eve of battle
Eve of battle
  • April 20,1836
  • Santa Anna's army is moving into position along the river
  • Santa Anna knew his position left him vulnerable but he thought the Texans wouldn't attack
  • Mirabeau Lamar fought with the Mexican army ( he led the cavalry)
san jacinto soldiers
San Jacinto soldiers
  • 20-30 Tejanos commanded by Juan Seguin
  • Originally Houston didn't want them to fight, men may confuse friend and foe.
  • Seguin and his men were allowed to fight - wore cardboard worn in hatbands so the army would know they were not Mexican troops
  • Many soldiers came from America , immigrants , Mexicans all walks of life. Professionals as well as the uneducated
houston calls a council of war
Houston calls a council of war
  • April 21,1836
  • Santa Anna had about 850 troops and General Cos had brought in 540 more
  • Cos' men were tired and were allowed to take a nap
  • Houston called a council to discuss attack or defensive and wait for Mexicans to attack
remember the alamo
Remember the Alamo
  • The bridge of escape for both forces had been blown up
  • Houston orders the advance
  • Texans surprised the Mexicans who were resting and effectively destroyed their fortifications and artillery
  • Chaos was everywhere
  • Battle lasted 18 minutes
mexicans suffer heavy losses
Mexicans suffer heavy losses
  • Battle of San Jacinto left 10 dead and 30 wounded on Texans side
  • Houston wounded - ankle shattered
  • Santa Anna suffered great losses due to inexperienced soldiers
  • Santa Anna was captured as well as 730 soldiers, 630 had been killed
  • Santa Anna had been found hiding in a soldiers uniform
Santa Anna was taken to Houston
  • Santa Anna didn't take any responsibility for his loss at San Jacinto
  • He was forced to sign a letter instructing General Filisosa to withdrawal from Texas
navy and the coast
Navy and the coast
  • 4 ships strong!!
  • Brought supplies as well as defended the waters
  • Kept the Mexican armies from re supplying
treaties of velasco
Treaties of Velasco
  • Santa Anna was forced to sign 2 treaties in the new capital at Velasco
  • Public treaty- Santa Anna promised to never fight the texans again , ordered all Mexican forces from Texas, exchange of prisoners, return all property taken
  • Secret treaty- in exchange for his life- Santa Anna was to work toward Mexican recognition of Texas independence, also make Rio Grande southern boundary . He was escorted back to Mexico.
texans want revenge
Texans want revenge
  • Many wanted Santa Anna dead.
  • Angry troops stopped Santa Anna from sailing back to Mexico and allowed him to leave months later
  • Texans had won freedom!
  • The age of the republic of Texas will begin