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Chapter 2 Review

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Chapter 2 Review. Essay Questions. How did the people of Mesopotamia benefit from the physical geography of their region? What were three important contributions made by the ancient peoples living in the Fertile Crescent?. Civilization developed in the Fertile Crescent because

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essay questions
Essay Questions
  • How did the people of Mesopotamia benefit from the physical geography of their region?
  • What were three important contributions made by the ancient peoples living in the Fertile Crescent?

Civilization developed in the Fertile Crescent because

    • The Nile River made it a prosperous area
    • It was an important mining area
    • The area was difficult to defend
    • The rivers there created very rich farmland

What were the Israelites known for that made them unique among ancient peoples?

    • They worshipped one god
    • They worshipped many gods
    • They did not have a written Bible
    • They made purple dye from snails

Because the cities in Sumer were separated by long stretches of desert land,

    • They united under one government
    • They developed into separate city-states
    • They were ruled by one king and queen
    • They were frequently destroyed by floods

One of the major events in the history of the Israelites was

    • The discovery of cuneiform
    • The conquest of Egypt
    • The conquest of Canaan
    • The founding of Tyre

Babylon became an important center of trade because it was

    • Located between cities to the south and north
    • Ruled by a powerful queen
    • Surrounded by massive walls
    • The sites of a great library

The Phoenician alphabet made it easier for people in the ancient world to

    • Hire scribes
    • Learn to read and write
    • Teach cuneiform
    • Learn cuneiform

In 612 B.C., the Medes and Chaldeans joined forces to

    • Build the city of Nineveh
    • Found the overland trade route to Asia
    • Destroy the Assyrian empire
    • Conquer Mari

Hammurabi’s Code was significant because

    • It was part of the oral traditions that followed it
    • For the first time, laws were written down
    • Everyone in the ancient world lived in Babylonia
    • The laws applied equally to all citizens

Why did Phoenicia become a thriving and wealthy region?

    • The warlike Phoenicians conquered their neighbors
    • Gold was discovered near the city of Tyre
    • Phoenicia controlled access to the cities of Sumer
    • Phoenicians sold valuable wood and purple dye to neighboring peoples

What did the Babylonians and Israelites have in common?

    • They both looked for a trade route to the New World
    • They both destroyed the city of Tyre
    • They both conquered the Phoenicians
    • They both lived according to a code of laws

Mesopotamia was located on land between

    • The Nile and Tigris rivers
    • The Nile and Euphrates rivers
    • The Tigris and Euphrates rivers
    • The Red Sea and the Tigris River

The Phoenicians helped spread civilization throughout the Mediterranean area by

    • Using ships to trade goods with other peoples
    • Telling tales of monsters that lived in the ocean
    • Conquering all the lands west of the Persian Gulf
    • Controlling the supply of a valuable purple dye

Separate city-states developed in Sumer because the cities were

    • Separated by long distances
    • Often destroyed by floods
    • United under one government
    • Destroyed by Ur

One important advantage of the Phoenician alphabet was that

    • It was only used by the scribes
    • It was simpler than cuneiform
    • It used only 100 symbols
    • All the people learned to read and write the symbols

Babylon was a crossroads of trade because of its location

    • On the Nile River
    • Between cities to the south and north
    • On the Mediterranean Sea
    • Near irrigation canals

Where did writing first develop?

    • Mesopotamia
    • Assyria
    • Phoenicia
    • Canaan

In 612B.C., the Assyrians were conquered by

    • The Medes and the Sumerians
    • The Israelites and the Medes
    • The Medes and the Chaldeans
    • The Babylonians and the Chaldeans

Which of the following was the first written set of laws?

    • The Epic of Gilgamesh
    • The ziggurat of Ur
    • The Ten Commandments
    • Hammurabi’s Code