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Chapter 2 REVIEW

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Chapter 2 REVIEW - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Sp atial Way of Thinking. Chapter 2 REVIEW. Physical Features- Natural parts of the earth’s surface Which of the following d oes this map show? Landforms Businesses Vegetation Population. Different Types of Thematic Maps. Climate - Long-term patterns of weather.

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different types of thematic maps

Physical Features- Natural parts

of the earth’s surface

Which of the following

does this map show?

  • Landforms
  • Businesses
  • Vegetation
  • Population
Different Types of Thematic Maps
physical features

Common Landforms- mountains, plains, deserts, volcanoes, plateau

  • Common Bodies of water- Oceans, lakes, rivers, gulfs, and bays
  • Elevation- height above sea level
  • What is a region?
    • An area with one or more features that _________________________________.
Physical Features

Latitude affects climate- the closer you are to the equator- the hotter it will be.

As you move away from the equator- it gets colder

Precipitation- rain, hail, sleet, snow

Highlands (mountains)- the higher you go up the mountain-the colder it will be



Desert doesn’t mean hot- it means dry!

Plants can adapt to extreme environments- plants can even grow in the tundra where it is very cold.

population density

Measures crowding

Many major cities around the world are located near the water. Why do you think that is?

Population Density
economic activity map

Land use shows how people make a living.

Example: Farming and mining

Natural Resources affect a country’s economy.

Examples: coal, iron, uranium, and petroleum

Some resources are found in the water (fishing)

Economic Activity mAP
labeling the features

On your test you will be asked to label 10 different physical features from page 30. Study your Reading Notes 2.3 and you should be fine for the test.

Remember to study these things that we wrote down. Extra credit will be available on tomorrow’s test.

Labeling the features