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autonomy. Independence. Syn : self-rule; license; sovereignty Ant: subordination. coagulate. To change or be changed from liquid into a thickened or solid mass. Syn : congeal; solidify; curdle Ant: liquefy. jurisprudence. The science, philosophy, and application of the law.

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  1. autonomy • Independence. • Syn: self-rule; license; sovereignty • Ant: subordination

  2. coagulate • To change or be changed from liquid into a thickened or solid mass. • Syn: congeal; solidify; curdle • Ant: liquefy

  3. jurisprudence • The science, philosophy, and application of the law. • The judge had to dismiss the case because of the prosecutor's faulty jurisprudence.

  4. malevolent • Having ill-will; wishing harm; evil. • Syn: malicious; sinister; menacing • Ant: benevolent

  5. prominent • Very noticeable or obvious. • Syn: conspicuous; clear • Ant: inconspicuous

  6. bourgeois • Relating to the middle class • Adam hoped to become wealthy and abandon his bourgeois life.

  7. Indefeasible • Not capable of being undone or voided • When times got tough Teresa found comfort in the indefeasible love of her parents.

  8. matriculate • To admit or be admitted into a group or a college • Sam’s grades were high enough for him to matriculate at State in the fall.

  9. Mercurial • Quickly changing; volatile • Frank acted like an entirely different person sometimes because of his mercurial personality.

  10. squelch • To suppress; squash • The candidate desperately tried to squelch rumors that he had once been arrested.

  11. attribute • To relate to a particular cause; to ascribe • Syn: credit; blame; impute • Ant: dismiss; absolve

  12. congenital • Dating from birth; inherent or natural • Syn: inborn; inherent • Ant: acquired; contracted

  13. depravity • Moral corruption; perversion • Syn: immorality; debauchery; vice • Ant: virtue; goodness; decency

  14. megalomania • Having delusions of grandeur; an obsession with grandiose things.

  15. primordial • First in time; original • Syn: primeval; prehistoric • Ant: recent; current

  16. cumulative • resulting from accumulation; increasing • Syn: aggregate; summative; collective • Ant: decreasing; subtracting

  17. exhilaration • Thrill; invigoration • Syn: excitement; elation • Ant: boredom; apathy; ennui

  18. poignant • Very moving, touching • Syn: emotional; affecting; sentimental • Ant: unemotional; cold

  19. pundit • A critic • Syn: commentator; reviewer; analyzer

  20. trite • Overused; hackneyed; clichéd • Syn: banal; routine; timeworn • Ant: fresh; provocative; original

  21. fulsome • Offensively flattering; insincere • Syn: unctuous; ingratiating; fawning • Ant: sincere; heartfelt

  22. propitious • Promising; auspicious • Syn: favorable; advantageous; beneficial • Ant: ominous; harmful; unfortunate

  23. schism • A separation or division • Syn: break; estrangement; split • Ant: unification; merger; alliance

  24. transient • Remaining only a short time • Syn: temporary; fleeting; provisional • Ant: permanent; enduring

  25. unwieldy • Not easily carried because of size, shape or complexity • Syn: awkward; cumbersome; ungainly • Ant: convenient; manageable

  26. cerebral • Favoring intelligence over emotions or instinct • Syn: intellectual; rational; logical

  27. conundrum • A difficult problem • Syn: quandary; predicament

  28. hypocrisy • Professing beliefs, feelings, or values, that one does not have or practice • Syn: insincerity; duplicity

  29. idyllic • Simple and carefree; delightfully serene • Syn: charming; picturesque; pleasant

  30. nondescript • Lacking individual or distinct characteristics • Syn: uninteresting; common; ordinary

  31. cognizant • Fully informed; having knowledge of • Syn: aware; perceptive; sentient • Ant: ignorant; unaware; oblivious

  32. factotum • An employee with a variety of jobs or responsibilities • Syn: workhorse, operator • Ant: principal

  33. outré • Extremely unconventional; bizarre • Syn: eccentric; freaky; outlandish • Ant: conforming; ordinary

  34. parity • equality • Syn: balance; equivalence; proportion • Ant: imbalance; disparity;

  35. supine • Lying on one’s back; lying face up • Ant: prone

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