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FLOOR Meeting 7 PowerPoint Presentation
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FLOOR Meeting 7

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FLOOR Meeting 7 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FLOOR Meeting 7

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  1. FLOORMeeting 7 Study Program : S0673 / Building Construction II Period : 2007

  2. Learning Outcome By the end of this meeting, expected student will be able to : • Student can explain elementary floor construction and mount from wood along with its. 3

  3. Items 1 : Elementary floor construction. Items 2 : Floor level construction of wood Items 3 : Link mains log Detail and log child. Outline Items 4 Bina Nusantara

  4. Floor represent pallet area an room as place execute all activity. From construction facet, floor divided to the two kinds of, that is: * Elementary floor Floor residing in and made to correlate direct above land of * Storey floor Is made do not in direct correlation to floor. Floor have to can shoulder laboring burden and have to be stiff enough, do not vibrate. Physically floor have to can exploit and look after natural condition of environment that happened for the requirement of dweller. Floor Construction 5 Bina Nusantara

  5. Elementary Floor Construction Conditions : Burden Floor Geology 6

  6. Base have to be solid / ossify and stabilize and also flatten. Geology have to free from organic materialss of. Condensation / repair of ground earn with giving sand. 7

  7. In the situation land which is water level of its high land, land can improve with giving plastic sheet above repair of land is then piled up by sand, new of installation of its floor. Cover of floor can made from natural stone, tiling of Pc, terrazzo, ceramic, wood, materials or carpet of synthetic other. 8

  8. For Heavy Burden. • Garage or roadway, floor construction can be made as follows : 9

  9. For the construction of concrete block. 10

  10. For cover of ceramic materials. 11

  11. Floor storey construction consist of : Floor area Wall / floor logs Columns / pillars. Burden at floor : 1. Weight alone : - Floor plate weight - Weight of floor cover Storey Floor 12

  12. 2. Burden life weight : - People - Furniture / stationery - Rain Burden at floor log : - Weight it self + Weight of floor plate Dead load - burden good for at for the width of shouldered area Life Load 13

  13. Burden at column - Roof burden - burden effect of total reactions of floor logs. Burden at foundation - Accepted burden is itself column weight and column. 14

  14. Besides dead load and live load also there are load effect of earthquake and wind. At calculation of structure often there are : Fixed Load = dead load + live load . Whereas Load = Fixed Load + Load effect of earthquake and wind. 15

  15. Floor converged by wall. 16

  16. Floor converged by columns (Mushroom construction) 17

  17. Floor with its logs 18

  18. Construction Materials 1. Floor storey construction can be made of : Entirely from same materials : pillar, log, floor from wood. pillar, log, floor from steel. pillar, log, floor from concrete. 2. Combination material with concrete and wood : Pillar is from concrete, floor and log are from wood Pillar and logs are from concrete, floor is from wood. 19 Bina Nusantara

  19. 3. Combination material with wood and steel : Pillar is from steel, log and floor are from wood, especial logs from steel. Pillar and entire log from steel, only floor is made of wood. 4. Materials concrete combination with steel, in general which is often used : Pillar from steel and concrete material Floor from concrete material 20 Bina Nusantara

  20. Election of materials for the construction of floor mount this depended from : Function / usefulness of itself building. Structure form of itself building. Location / place founding of building. 21 Bina Nusantara

  21. Dissociating rooms / chambers by leveling off. Removing burdens at wall. Supporting boundary wall which do not continue downwards. Adding stability a building with forming one unity together with wall. Preventing to creep echo voice Weaken bound voice Insulation to transfer of temperature. Propagating the amount of burden wide of larger ones. Common Function of Floor Support. 22 Bina Nusantara

  22. Floor have to enough power. Fulcrums at wall have to in such a manner so that wide of supporting is big enough. Yoke floor have to wall in such a manner so that prevent limber wall. Floor materials have to good quality and have to earn to be done easily. Floor have to easy treatment. Construction have to earn well guaranted its strength during old ones. Floor Construction Condition 23 Bina Nusantara

  23. Benefit : Light materials, making/workmanship can be done swiftly. Wood price lower compared to other materials price. Wood have insulation energy which do well by good enough insulation energy and heat to echo voice and bound voice As place for attached easy channel. Solving of floor, that way also installation of plafond enough easy to and modestly. Workmanship of repair and installations of reinforcement can be done by easy. Wood Floor Construction 24 Bina Nusantara

  24. Its loss : Stability a building with wooden floor is small. Flammable wood. Surface of floor scraggly and timeworn easy to, till need sheating. For high building, applying of wooden floor do not be suggested. Needed treatment so that wood do not light upon white ants. Size measure unfold limitedly. 25 Bina Nusantara