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Author: Blue Balliet

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Hold Fast. Author: Blue Balliet. Author: Blue Balliet . Summary. Summary.

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Hold Fast

Author: Blue Balliet

Author: Blue Balliet



‘Hold Fast to dreams’. Eleven year-old Early Pearl and he family hear this quote all the time. Dash, Summer, Early and Jubilation Pearl live in a one room apartment littered with books consisting of poetry or whatever Dash brings home from his job as a library page. Early would describe her lifestyle as cozy and fun, no matter how poor they are. As long

as the foursome stays together, life will be a blast. But when Dash mysteriously gets knocked off his bicycle and kidnapped, the Pearl’s life is turned upside down. Their house is destroyed and they are forced to move to a shelter for the homeless. No matter how many friends they

make, each Pearl member can’t stop thinking of Dash. Will they figure out the clues and Find Dash, or will things keep getting worse?

My R

For my response I did a drawing of their one-room apartment in Chicago


My E

For my Exploration, I create a book mark with books of the same

genre as Hold Fast. Each of the three books I choose has a summary of the book and specific

details on how that book relates to the same genre as the mystery and

realistic fiction novel, Hold Fast. Enjoy!