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Better WebBuilder. Q: What is it ? A: The Ultimate Marketing Tool. B eing W ealthy ’ s B etter Press Space Bar to continue. Overview. If you are comfortable with giving something of value away for FREE and getting paid for it …… THEN You have found the perfect business

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Better webbuilder
Better WebBuilder

  • Q: What is it ?

  • A: The Ultimate Marketing Tool.

    B eing W ealthy’s B etter

    Press Space Bar to continue


If you are comfortable with giving something of value away for FREE and getting paid for it ……THEN

You have found the perfect business

The more you give away the more you get paid.

Value is both in the tools that are included for FREE and also in the fact you are giving someone the opportunity to start their own business for FREE or to increase the sales capacity of their existing business.

Overview continued
Overview - continued

This business is for people who want to ensure that they are financially secure and not have any financial worries. They want to have a income stream which they themselves control.


Be committed to ensuring that they help the people who join them, achieve the success that they want.

It is thatsimple and I will show you how its done. I will be your mentor and provide you with continual help and support. This is both ethical and rewarding – to help your fellow man or woman.

Overview continued1
Overview - continued

The business can be operated on a computer from any location on a full time or part time basis.

There is a continual supply of people who want to do this from the person leaving school or college, the growing family who has large financial demands: bills, mortgages, car payments, loan and credit card commitments etc right through to the elderly person who now finds that their pension is not enough to even live on.

Everyone has their own shop window in this business and that can be used literally to promote whatever they want.

Everyone has a choice of how they use the BWB system.

Your money making machine how s it work
Your Money Making Machine – How’s it work?

1) The Funnel– You offer people a FREE Global “business in a box”

By email, texts, cards etc, many ways are available.

2) They Join– As a FREE affiliate, this builds your list, a valuable asset. This will be explained later.

3) The Links– Can then promote BWB, their own business and in fact other businesses and products. They can create a sales team of agents generating leads for their business.

4) Resources– The Resource Centre has valuable tools to help them grow their business and GUARANTEE success.

5) Recalculate– They now realise the potential and the income that is made by being GOLD affiliate and earning from 7 levels. Many upgrade after using the Income Calculator.

6) Group Size– The larger your group - the larger your income. Just keep adding prospects into the Funnel at the top.

The links
The Links

New affiliates join BWB because its FREE and it can generate money. They look at all the links.The Links can point to any website, any web page where information is held.

So as an example - a business selling “widgets” will make more money, selling more widgets. BWB gives the ability to have a team of “agents” actively looking for opportunities with people or organisations that want to purchase widgets. The result more sales.

The referral from the agent can generate a fee payment and thus increase the opportunities to generate income from using the BWB system.

The affiliates joining BWB can be local to you (same country) or indeed due to the Global nature of BWB could be international.

Market summary
Market Summary

Times are hard, prices increasing just look at petrol and shopping, the banking crisis, job insecurity with people now working till 70 years old +, pensions are a problem and in general people need to obtain financial security.

Here is is a “business in a box” that will generate an income for them. An income which constantly increases month after month.


This business is GLOBAL because of the medium of the internet.

We can tap into this market by spreading the word in many ways.

The internet has some 2 billion people on it and this is increasing every minute.

The mobile phone market is massive (we can pass the message this way). There are some 5.6 billion handsets. People receive the message, they look, some sign up and some go GOLD..

What s the attraction
What’s the attraction?

It is FREE to join

Everyone loves FREE

It is working from home or anywhere you choose

There is a MASSIVE Global growing market

It can be a second income stream

It can advertise your existing business

It can give your existing business a massive self funding sales / referral team

It can act as a “feeder” program to another business

No financial outlay

Try it out for yourself – no risk

You have nothing to lose

Unlimited Income potential– it’s up to you

What are the free tools
What are the FREE tools?

  • An automated site that is always available and totally customisable

  • A choice of ready made “landing pages” and videos for your visitors

  • Example emails

  • Ready made customisable blog facility

  • A calculator for prospects to calculate their own potential earnings

  • Live reporting on your group growth

  • Lead control system

  • Traffic report tool

  • Link tracker to identify where traffic is coming from

  • Conversion report tool

  • Commission Analysis report

  • Professional ready made banners

  • Auto responder tool

  • Various affiliate control tools

  • Link creating tool

  • FREE Social Media Training: Twitter, Facebook etc

  • 24-7 Interactive Skype Group support and assistance

  • These are valuable tools which would cost a considerable amount to acquire – they are FREE and I will show you how to use them.

The options
The Options

  • People have 3 choices:

  • First – It’s not for them.

  • Second – They will try it out for FREE .

  • Third – They see the massive potential and upgrade to GOLD.

    Upgrade to GOLD costs $29.95 (under £20) each month but means you receive income from 7 levels. See Compensation in Business Manager

    You receive an initial payment for all or the GOLD’s you recruit.

    You receive a continual monthly payment for all GOLD’s in your group.

    There is no limit to the number of GOLD’s in each level.

    Use the Income Calculator to show you the potential earnings.

    If you are a FREE member and a person who you give this to goes GOLD, you get a small payment BUT miss out on the income from those 7 levels. That could be a massive loss.

The income calculator
The Income Calculator

  • The true potential for income from this business is highlighted by the Income Calculator.

  • The affiliate themselves need to put in their own numbers of GOLDs on the various levels.

  • The duplication process which can be easily copied will ensure that progress will be driven down all 7 levels maximising the income potential.

  • When people are given a system they can COPY, it GUARANTEES their success.

Where will my gold members come from
Where will my GOLD members come from?

  • The population of the world is split into 2 categories for everyone, referred to as “Traffic”.

  • People they know ….. And people they don’t know.

  • The people you know, you can spread the word to them in many ways: conversation, email etc

  • The people you don’t know, it’s just a case of getting the message to them in many different ways. Social Media is a massive area and FREE training is available. See training schedule for times. Skype Groups for 24/7 information.

    Go to “Resources Centre” page for ways to generate “traffic”.

    Social Media is a massive FREE resource for any business and there is FREE training on how to use it.

Guaranteed success
Guaranteed Success

I can give you that support and guidance so that you will succeed with BWB. You in turn benefit by ensuring your group are able to COPY the successful system.

The duplication process is KEY to ensuring that your group will build down the SEVEN levels.

This will give you and your group MAXIMUM income and guarantee everyone’s success.

The resource centre
The Resource Centre

It provides extra tools to help you grow a big business.

Extra Tools will be added on an ongoing basis. Existing resources will be upgraded.

Simply click - Products Tab & Upline Affiliate tab.

These resources are available for you and your group to help grow your business.This in turn benefits you - the larger your group, the greater your income.

You can send them to They will then be able to access all the tools to grow their business and their income.

You can also put the Resource Centre as a link on your own page so every affiliate can see they have resources available.

How are you paid
How are you paid?

When you start a business you want to know how you will get paid.

In the tab marked “My Account” there is an icon “Getting Paid”

There are a number of methods for payment you can choose.

I have found the quickest and simplest method to be Paypal.

If you have an account you will know how to use it. If not you can register You link a bank account to it. BWB will pay the commission to your account each month in $ and for the UK it converts to Sterling other countries will have their own currency.

In closing
In closing….

The market is almost infinite which means that the amount of income you can generate is really up to you.

If you aim to help people get what they want then it will lead you to getting what you want.

I would love to speak to anyone and everyone who has been introduced to this business, to answer any questions or to highlight the potential of the Better WebBuilder opportunity. I will be available to provide information for you and your affiliates to ensure your ongoing success.

My contact number is UK 07957 804934

My email

My Skype ID is paulcollins55 (Skype is FREE

To your success and with my best wishes