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Phase I ESA

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Phase I ESA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Phase I ESA. Environmental Site Assessment. Purpose. Is to provide a professional opinion on the potential for current presence of RECS at the subject property. Detailed Scope-of-Service.

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Phase I ESA

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phase i esa

Phase I ESA

Environmental Site Assessment

  • Is to provide a professional opinion on the potential for current presence of RECS at the subject property.
detailed scope of service
Detailed Scope-of-Service
  • Conducted a regulatory database search of known underground storage tanks, landfills, hazardous waste generation or treatment, storage and disposal facilities, and subsurface contamination in the surrounding area within a mile.
limitations and exceptions
Limitations and Exceptions
  • No conditions were encountered that would limit UR’s ability to complete the scope of work.
special terms and conditions
Special Terms and Conditions
  • No special terms or conditions apply other than noted below.
  • Perform work in a professional manner
user reliance
User Reliance
  • Solely by COCH
location and legal description
Location and Legal Description
  • 304 East 14th Street to 320 East 14th Street
subject property and vicinity characteristics
Subject Property and Vicinity Characteristics
  • Vacant
  • Adjacent properties are commerical and presidential
physical settings
Physical Settings
  • 640 feet above msl
  • Groundwater in the vicinity flows northeast
descriptions of structures roads and other improvements
Descriptions of Structures, Roads, and Other Improvements
  • Abandoned foundation
  • 2 story apartment building
title records
Title Records
  • Not provided with title insurance
environmental liens use limitations
Environmental Liens Use Limitations
  • Liens report for all subject reports
reason for conducting phase i esa
Reason for ConductingPhase I ESA
  • Requested for potential future development
other information
Other Information
  • Occupied by a garage as late as 1978
  • Potential dumping of illegal substances
standard environmental records
Standard Environmental Records
  • A regulatory database search report was prepared for the subject property by EDR on March 5,2007. URS reviewed the EDR to evaluate whether activities on the near the subject have the potential to make subject property.
additional environmental records
Additional Environmental Records
  • COCH-URS submitted a FOIA request to the COCH for info regarding the subject property.
  • Illinois OSFM was not received at the time this report was prepared.
  • IEPA,BOL was also received at the time this report was repared.
historical use
Historical Use
  • A bank and a saloon were located at 304 East 14th Street.
aerial photographs
Aerial Photographs
  • 1952-was improved several structures although due to the poor quality of the aerial photograph, Individual structures were difficult to discern.
  • 1967-No changes
  • 1974_1994-No changes
topographic maps
Topographic Maps

1901-1929 improved with two large square structure and a large rectangular depicted.

1948-1980 No changes

sanborn fire insurance maps
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

1911-Bank and saloon at 1409 5th Avenue, 304 E. 14th ST, 322 E. 14th ST, and 1400 Wentworth by E. 14th follows by commercial structure 319 E. 14th ST.

1950-Developed with a mattress factory at 304 E. 14th ST

1996-No changes

1975- No changes

city directories
City Directories
  • Due to the limitations of the DER search process, the city directory search was only conducted for the subject property address of 284 E. 14th ST. Adjacent properties weren’t listed in the city directories from 1991-2006.
methodology and limiting conditions
Methodology and Limiting Conditions
  • URS conducted a site reconnaissance of the property on March 5,2007: Clear sky 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Properties around property were observed by walking and or driving.
hazardous substances and petroleum products
Hazardous Substances and Petroleum Products
  • Hazardous substances and petroleum products were not observed at the subject site reconnaissance.
underground aboveground storage tanks
Underground/ Aboveground Storage Tanks
  • URD observed no evidence of USTs.
pcb containing and hydraulic equipment
PCB-Containing and Hydraulic Equipment
  • Two of the pole mounted transformers were located on the western portion of parcel C.
solid and hazardous wastes
Solid and Hazardous Wastes
  • Subject property is currently vacant
  • No solid waste is currently generated
  • Scattered debris was observed on the parcels
drains and sumps
Drains and Sumps
  • No drains/sumps were observed
  • Stormwater managed by street flow or surface infilteration
  • Site area runoff travels to surrounding roadways and the municipal combined sewer system
waste water
Waste Water
  • No process or sanitary wastewater is generated on site
  • Stormwater flows to stormwater drains located in the adjacent streets
  • The subject property is vacant
  • Utilities are not proveided
  • No wells were observed or reported on
  • Adjacent to the subject property during the site reconnaissance
  • Site contacts were not aware of wells at subject property
pits ponds lagoons
Pits, Ponds, Lagoons
  • No pits, ponds, or lagoons were observed on the subject property during the property visit
other physical evidence of contamination
Other Physical Evidence of Contamination
  • No other physical evidence of contamination was observed on the property during UR’s
  • With exception of scattered debris that was observed on the subject proerty
environmental professionals involved
Environmental Professionals Involved
  • Stacy McCance-Property Environmental Scientist
  • Sarah Ruben-Project Geologist