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Breaking Down Society

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Breaking Down Society. Gillian Tremonti , Sabrina Woo, and Maegan Cedro. S etting. Matched ,by Ally Condie, is set in the future. People live in different Boroughs, which are in different provinces. Cassia lives in the MapleTree Borough in the Oria Province. The setting changes

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Breaking Down Society

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breaking down society

Breaking Down Society

Gillian Tremonti, Sabrina Woo, and MaeganCedro

s etting

Matched,by Ally Condie, is set in the future.

People live in different Boroughs, which are

in different provinces. Cassia lives in the MapleTree

Borough in the Oria Province. The setting changes

throughout the story. For example, the setting changes

between Secondary School, Cassia’s house, the movie

theater, the Game Room, City Hall, themuseum, the Hill,

the Aboretum, andthe Farmlands.


c cassia reyes

C Cassia Reyes

Cassia is a 17-year old girl with dark hair and green

eyes. Cassia is a major character. Actually, she’s the main

character. She’s the girl who is stuck in the middle of a love

triangle where she can’t decide her own fate. Some of her

characteristics include being trustworthy, loving to the ones she truly

cares about, she’s intelligent, very athletic, she loves nature, and she’s

also unselfish. We consider her a dynamic character because at the

beginning of the book, she feels like she was destined to be with Xander,

her Match, but then has a change of heart when she finds out more

information about Ky, making her fall in love with him. Another example

of Cassia being a dynamic character is at the beginning of the book,

Cassia follows all the Society’s rules. As time goes on, she starts to get

curious about how the Society works, and why other people get to

choose who she’s going to love, and breaks some of the rules to find

out more about why this is. She is a protagonist when you think about

OUR society, she just believes in her own rights. If you’re looking in HER

Society’s eyes, she’s the antagonist. She doesn’t believe in the rules of

the Society because she doesn’t get to make her own decisions and

choices, making her break some of the Society’s rules to get what

she wants.

This is what we thought Cassia would look like. She has green eyes and brown, wavy hair.

c ky markham

CKy Markham

Ky Markham is a mysterious, observant 17 year-old. He’s

considered what is called an Aberration- meaning he can’t

be matched because of a “felony” his parents committed.

Though, he can’t be matched, he said his ideal match

would be Cassia. He’s a very observant, young man. He’s

also very quiet and shy unless he knows you and you’re his

friend. Ky is one of the very few people who can write, and

can hide their talent well from the Officials. He also

purposefully loses the games in the Game Room, even

though he KNOWS how to win on the spot. Like Cassia, Ky

is an antagonist to Society because of him being an

Aberration. Though he’s an Aberration, he really has a good

heart. All he wants to do is love Cassia with no

restrictions from the Society. Ky really did nothing wrong.

He’s being punished for something his parents did who

apparently did something against the rules.

This is what we thought Ky would look like. He has dark, short hair and his eye color “changes” according to the shading of the light.

c xander carrow


Xander is outgoing, brave, and sometimes can be a rule

breaker. Xander is one those guys who will do anything to

protect his loved ones. He was matched with Cassia, his best

friend since they were little. They’re technically “perfect” for

each other. He’s a very loving person and loves Cassia with

all his heart. He LOVES to go the Game Room and play

games in his free time. He’s one of those laid back guys who

just enjoys living life in the moment. Xander is considered a

static character. We believe this because his feelings don’t

change throughout the book. He still loves Cassia with all his

heart and is his same caring, unselfish self. Xander, like

Cassia, is a protagonist to OUR society, but an antagonist to

HIS society. This is because he has good intentions but they

go against the Society’s rules. An example of this was when

he gave Em one of his green pills (anxiety relief) even though

Em already took one that week, meaning she couldn’t take

another one.

This is what we thought Xander would look like. He has short, blond hair and intriguing blue eyes.

c bram reyes

C Bram Reyes

Bram Reyes is the little brother of Cassia

Reyes. He’s in Primary School and he’s 9

years old- almost 10. He’s one of those little

rascals who doesn’t obey rules and doesn’t

like to listen to his sister. He would never

admit this, but Cassia is one of his role

models and best friends that he can

look to for guidance. He’s a static character.

We think this because he doesn’t really change

emotionally, mentally, or physically throughout

the book. He’s also a protagonist. This is because

he always is with Cassia on decisions, and Cassia is

a protagonist in this story because she is against the

Society’s unfair rules about the people not being

able to make decisions of their owns. Bram is a

minor character. He is just the little boy of the

Reyes’ family and nothing more.

This is what we thought Bram would look like because he has dark brown hair like Cassia, and a slim frame.



Em is Cassia’s best girl friend. She borrowed

Cassia’s artifact for her Match Banquet to be less

nervous and plus, it matched her dress (Dress #14.)

She’s matched with Dalen from Acadia Provice,

who looks very similar to Xander. She’s always very

anxious. You could say she’s an antagonist

because she had Cassia’s artifact at her Match

Banquet when she wasn’t supposed to have it,

causing the Officials to go house to house, taking

everybody’s artifacts and not let them get it back.

You can’t say it was just her fault though because

Cassia let her borrow it with no concerns, making it

both Cassia’s AND Em’s wrong doing. Em is a

dynamic character. Her feelings and personality

never changed throughout the book. She’s also a

minor character. She is really just Xander’s and

Cassia’s best friend who likes to be around them.

We thought Em would look like this because she has dark hair and cream-colored skin.

p rising action
P Rising Action

In the rising action:

  • Xander and Cassia are matched and are “perfect” for each other because

they’ve been best friends and attached at the hip since they were little kids.

  • Cassia sees Ky’s face on her port from her Match’s microcard.
  • An Official from the Match Department finds Cassia to tell her that Xander is her actual Match and to not worry about seeing Ky’s face.
  • Cassia’s grandfather has his Final Banquet and dies at 80 years old.
  • Cassia’s grandfather gave Cassia a forbidden poem for her to keep.
  • Cassia and Ky’s leisure activity was hiking, this is the first time Ky sees her reading the Forbidden Poems.
  • Cassia destroys the Forbidden Poem because it’s illegal, and you can get an Infraction from having such things.
  • Ky expresses his love for Cassia on the Hill, where they can share secrets and talk about their problems.
  • Ky teaches Cassia how to write in cursive.
  • Ky gives his artifact to Cassia to prove his love to her.
  • Em borrows Cassia’s artifact for her Match Banquet because it matches her dress, causing Officials to get mad because you’re not allowed to take someone else’s artifact.


Cassia and Xander have been best friends since they were little.

They went to Primary School together and have always had a

great relationship with each other. They’re basically soulmates.

p climax
P Climax

Ky has a new work position and the Officials had to

take him to a new province that is outside the Oria

Province, where they are currently living. Cassia and

Mrs. Markham become hysterical because they don’t

want to see Ky go. The Officials didn’t give much

punishment to the Markhams or Cassia. Though they

didn’t do much, the Officials made everyone living on

the Mapletree Borough take their red pills to forget

everything that happened in the previous hours.

Cassia doesn’t want to forget that night so she throws

the red pill on the ground and crushes it with her foot.

p falling action
P Falling Action

In the falling action, Cassia and her family get relocated to the

Farmlands in a different Province because Society feels like Cassia’s

mom knows too much information about bringing in foreign things from

Farmlands then she should.

Cassia goes to the Museum in the City like Ky told her to, so she

could sell their forbidden story for information about the chaos that

happened in the Outer Provinces.

The Official from the Matching Banquet thattold Cassia that Ky was

a mistake on her microcard, told her that the entire thing with seeing Ky

on her port was all an experiment that they do to some people who are

being Matched to see how they would react to seeing a new face.

Xander realizes that Ky and Cassia really do love each other and is

willing to help the one he loves, to the one that she loves to make her


Cassia’s father confronted Cassia about knowing how she loved Ky

all along and wishes that they all had a choice in life.

Ky wrote a story for Cassia on napkins that expressed his love for her

and how he did/always will feel about her.



Cassia’s family is relocated to the Farmlands where she is forced to plant seeds and grow crops. Though Xander is her Match, he is not allowed to go with her, nor is she allowed to stay with him back in the Maple Tree Borough.

c conflict
  • Man vs. Self:

Cassia has this conflict because she has a hard time choosing between her

Match, Xander, and the one who’s her true love. This conflicts between her

thoughts, beliefs, and rules that restrict her.

  • Man vs. Society

Ky has a conflict with the Society because he’s an Aberration. This means he

can’t be Matched and his parents committed an Infraction. He’s considered

a bad person in the Society who doesn’t get as much freedom or leniency

as other people living within Society, even though he really didn’t do anything


  • Man vs. Fate

Cassia has a conflict with her fate because she’s not allowed to choose her

fate. Everyone in the Society is forced to be with whoever they’re Matched

with, no matter if you truly love them or not. Also, they don’t have a

necessarily “peaceful” death. They’re forced into a place where all elderly

people live and they have a Final Banquet on their 80th birthday, meaning that

they will die when they turn 80 years old.

t theme r resolution
T Theme R Resolution

You can’t choose who you want

to be with. Destiny and fate

choose for you and you should

be happy with whoever that

person is.

“I know which life is my real one

now, no matter what happens.

It’s the one with you…” –Ky

Markham (365).

There really is no REAL resolution of

what happens to Ky or Cassia.

Though we never found out what

happened, we know that Cassia has

chosen who she truly loves and wants

to spend her life with, which is Ky.

Cassia still loves Xander, but in a more

of a best friend kind of way.