Why is society and order breaking down
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Why is society and order breaking down?. Lord of the Flies N arrativeWriting Assignment.

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Lord of the flies n arrativewriting assignment

Lord of the FliesNarrativeWriting Assignment

You are going on a journey unlike any other. You and your classmates from Advanced English Language Arts have been stranded on a deserted island. The plane you are riding in breaks apart and crashes. All survive and head off in different directions out of panic, and fear. You have found paper and pen, and begin writing letters home chronicling your time on the island.

Narrative letter writing assignment
Narrative Letter Writing Assignment

  • You are to write an imagined narrative in letter format that chronicles your time on the island, including your thoughts, feelings and most cherished memories from home. The letters must be detailed and use descriptive word choice and proper conventions. The events of your narrative must be well-structured and use transitions. It is to be written in first person point of view and include dialogue.

    Form: narrative letters

    Audience: classmates and teacher

    Topic: describe time on a deserted island

    Purpose: to entertain

    Planning: pre-writing

Narrative letter writing content
Narrative Letter Writing: Content

Your prewriting and ideas for this assignment will be at first generated in class. In your letters consider addressing the following:

  • Mental and physical health

  • Necessities – water, food, shelter

  • Home – friends, family, pets, activities, traditions, foods, luxuries

  • Conflicts – external and internal

    You are to follow the directions/guidelines given in class on how to start and continue your writing. Although there are a few limitations, please remember to keep your content school appropriate. For example, your writing should not include death, drugs, violence, romance, or excessive silliness.

Why is society and order breaking down

Group 1: Head to the mountains on the north side of the island for safety and find a cave. They have collected 2 locked and unidentified suitcases.

Why is society and order breaking down

Group 2: Stays near the wreckage of the fallen plane in the center of the island. They have access to what is left on the plane and has scattered nearby in the forest.

Why is society and order breaking down

Group 3: All members scatter on the beach on the southwest side of the island. They have the ocean and the outskirts of the forest for food and shelter. No articles, goods, or materials from the plane are available except paper and pen.

Why is society and order breaking down

Group 4: Travel west toward the small peninsula and a high cliff to view the horizon where there are plenty of fruit trees and shrubs, and a small stream of fresh water.

Why is society and order breaking down

  • Group 5: This group heads to the east side of the island attracted by the sound of rushing water. They find a gigantic freshwater waterfall that spills into a beautiful pool. They drag with them 2 suitcases and a cart of airline food from the plane.

Why is society and order breaking down

  • Group 6: The last group finds themselves lost on the Southern most point of the island. It is a dense forest with low lying trees. There is an opening to the ocean with a small clearing. They recover the pilot’s suitcase and an unmarked black box.

Exposition groups
Exposition: Groups

  • The group that you belong to will give you the setting and background information to get you started. You will meet together to establish the exposition and help each other get started.

  • The letters are a first-hand account of your experience on the island. You will write in first person point of view and explain how you are feeling and what you are experiencing.

  • You must personalize the letters and add details that are specific to you and your family life. Be sure to clearly label the following specific/mandatory letters. All rough drafts need to be in your writer’s notebook.

    Letter #1 – Exposition

    Letter #2 – Missing Home

    Letter #3 – A Conflict (internal or external)

    Letter #4 – Heading Home - Rescued

Exposition groups1
Exposition: Groups

Group 1 – Cayla, James, Alex, Maya, Olivia D.

Group 2 – Emma Budge, Maddie, Sean, Dasan

Group 3 – Connor, Julia, Eliana, Melody, Kaley

Group 4 – Ryan, London, Olivia K., Sarah

Group 5 – Sedona, Craig, Elyssa, Monica, Emma Belnap

Group 6 – Kate, Brendan, Jordan, Kiara, Tamira

Exposition groups2
Exposition: Groups

Group 1 –Stephanie, Nate, Skylar, Preston, Garrett

Group 2 – Molly, Audrey, Emma E., Alissa, Sierra

Group 3 – Sebastian, Alex M., Chloe, Maddie, Abigail

Group 4 – Tyler, Izzy, Yasser, J.P., Emma M.

Group 5 – Nikki, Maddie W., Trinity, CiCi

Group 6 – Alex C., Maura, Ryan, Maiti

How to submit your narrative
How to Submit Your Narrative

You will be submitting the letter of your choice to Turnitin.com Before you do so, the following MUST be highlighted. There will be a 10 point penalty for non-highlighted papers.

  • Dialogue in yellow

  • 4 Transitions in pink

  • 5 Writing tricks in blue

  • Satisfying conclusion in green

Which letter did you choose?

Label at the top: 

  • Letter #1 – Exposition

  • Letter #2 – Missing Home

  • Letter #3 – A Conflict (internal or external)

  • Letter #4 – Heading Home - Escaped

    Home - Es