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What is XM Radio?. What is SIRIUS XM Radio?. Sirius XM Radio is broadcasting over 170 digital channels of music, news, sports and talk direct to cars, homes and portable units via satellite and our extensive repeater network.

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What is xm radio
What is XM Radio?

What is SIRIUS XM Radio?

Sirius XM Radio is broadcasting over 170 digital channels of music, news, sports and talk direct to cars, homes and portable units via satellite and our extensive repeater network.

  • The channels originate from SXM's broadcast centers, the world's largest all-digital studio complexes in Washington, DC and New York, NY and are uplinked to our satellites. The satellites transmit the signal across the entire continental United States. Each satellite provides 18kw of total power, making them the most powerful commercial satellites ever built, providing coast-to-coast coverage.

  • In July 2008, The Sirius and XM Satellite Radio companies officially merged. The combined company currently (ending Q1 2010) has over 19 million subscribers. Sirius XM Radio offers consumers the best of both services, while maximizing significant efficiencies. During 2010, Sirius and XM will be combining many of their business functions, moving closer to operation as a single company, servicing both XM and Sirius customers simultaneously.

  • Sirius XM Satellite Radio is changing the way people listen to radio in the same way cable changed television.

How XM Radio Works


Sirius programming
SIRIUS Programming

  • 69 Commercial-free music channels

    • 23 Rock Channels, 5 Country Music Channels

    • Pop, Rock, Dance, Hip-hop, R&B, Country, Christian, Jazz/Blues, Standards, Classical, Latin/Int’l

  • 65 News, sports, entertainment, international, weather and traffic channels

    • Play-by-Play Sports action from over 150 Colleges

    • Every NASCAR Race, Every NFL Game

  • Compelling and exclusive programming such as: Howard Stern, Playboy Radio, Blue Collar Comedy, The Catholic Channel, The Metropolitan Opera Channel and Dr. Radio

    • 4 Comedy Channels, 4 Family and Health Channels

    • French, Korean and Spanish Channels

Xm programming
XM Programming

  • 69 commercial-free music channels

    • Exclusive content, strategic partnerships, Live Music, Music “Neighborhoods”

    • Original exclusive programming including Willie’s Place, BB King’s Bluesville, Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour, and Artist Confidential

  • Over 50 sports play-by-play & sports talk channels

    • MLB, NHL, PGA Tour, IndyCar and exclusive college sports

    • Original shows with Coach K, Phil Esposito and Rob Dibble

  • Over 35 news, talk, comedy and entertainment channels

    • Exclusive women’s programming featuring Oprah and the team from Good Morning America

    • Opie & Anthony completely uncensored on The Virus

    • 21 dedicated instant traffic and weather channels & a 24/7 emergency alert channel

Sirius xm satellite radio is a premium entertainment and information service
SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio is a Premium Entertainment and Information Service

Entertainment On SIRIUS XM

  • Enormous amount of content unique to SIRIUS XM Radio specifically created for our diverse subscriber base

  • Only the best hosts reside on SIRIUS Stars where personalities and celebrities such as Barbara Walters, Judith

  • Regan, and Deepak Chopra engage our subscribers with their own personal brand of entertainment.

  • Oprah and Friends, Cosmo Radio and Martha Stewart Living Radio cater to entertaining key target markets

Sirius xm satellite radio is a premium entertainment and information service1
SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio is a Premium Entertainment and Information Service


  • The funniest comics in the world are on SIRIUS XM Radio

  • Exclusive comedy channels include Jamie Foxx’s The Foxxhole, Blue Collar Radio, and Raw Dog

  • Comedy programming features specials and classic stand up performances

Sirius xm satellite radio is a premium entertainment and information service2
SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio is a Premium Entertainment and Information Service


  • Exclusive Partnerships with the NFL, MLB, NASCAR, Formula 1, NHL, NBA and PGA

  • Every game in MLB and the NFL all season long

  • Complete coverage of the biggest sports events around the world covering everything from Barclays English Premier League soccer to the Final Four

  • The most comprehensive sports coverage lead by Chris Russo and Mad Dog Radio

Sirius xm satellite radio is a premium entertainment and information service3
SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio is a Premium Entertainment and Information Service

Talk And News On SIRIUS XM

  • SIRIUS XM Radio covers news and events from around the world over a multitude of talk and news channels

  • Quality broadcasts from the world’s greatest news organizations: CNN, Fox News, BBC and more

  • Up-to-the-minute business news delivered by CNBC, Bloomberg, and more

  • Intellectual discussions on today’s political topics broadcast on popular platforms including NPR, P.O.T.U.S, SIRIUS Left, and SIRIUS Patriot

Sirius xm satellite radio is a premium entertainment and information service4
SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio is a Premium and Information ServiceEntertainment and Information Service

Family Programming On SIRIUS XM

  • Family-friendly programming for all ages

  • Entertainment especially for kids and tweens on Kids Place Live and Disney Radio

  • Doctor Radio covers a diverse array of health issues and allows listeners to directly interact with world-class medical professionals

Sirius xm satellite learning game
Sirius XM Satellite Learning Game and Information Service

Gm xm partnership
GM / XM Partnership and Information Service

The Relationship:

  • XM Satellite Radio, Inc. owns service and programming

  • GM acts as a distributor, selling XM hardware in GM vehicles

  • GM earns revenue from XM for selling vehicles with XM hardware:

    • Factory-installed XM is the sales focus

    • GM does not benefit from aftermarket sales

Pricing and Information Service


  • Included in many vehicle equipment groups

  • $199 option

    GM Programs:

  • 3-Month Trial

    • All GM customers receive at least 3-month trial service + free activation

    • Some vehicles have extended trials as part of option packages or retail promotions

    • No obligation to continue service beyond trial period

  • Xm packages and pricing
    XM Packages and Pricing and Information Service

    Xm instant traffic weather channels
    XM Instant Traffic & Weather Channels and Information Service

    • Channels in 21 major markets

      - Encompass about 40% of XM’s subscribers

    • Local Traffic/Weather reports available in every market 24/7

    • Traffic reports are 1-3 minutes and are immediately following by a local weather report

      - Powered by Traffic Pulse & The Weather Channel

      - Reports are updated every 10 minutes - 24/7

    • National weather/Emergency Alerts available on XM 24/7

      - Powered by The Weather Channel

    Xm navtraffic
    XM NavTraffic and Information Service

    • Operational in over 100 major markets

    • Powered by NAVTEQ:

      Uses data from all departments of transportation; police and emergency services; governmental & private sensors, cameras and airborne reports.

    • Displayed on Navigation Screen

    • Visual “color-coding” to indicate “Traffic Flow.”

    • Icons - accidents and road construction

    • Customized reports:

    • Congestions, accidents, incidents, road construction,average speed and estimated driving time.

    Traffic icons displayed in map view
    Traffic icons displayed in “Map View” and Information Service

    Traffic Icons displayed in “Map View”

    Incident icons shown on the navigation system
    “” and Information ServiceIncident Icons - Shown on the Navigation System

    • Accidents, road construction or other incidents affecting traffic are displayed as icons on the navigation map at the location of the incident.

    • Icons may only be displayed at certain zoom levels of the map.

    • Incidents will only be displayed if they are considered “traffic impacting”.

    • The incident icons on the map may lag behind the actual incident, or remain for a while after the incident has cleared. This is normal, due to the time it takes for an accident to be reported.

    Local forecast feature
    Local Forecast Feature and Information Service

    • The Local Forecast data displays and individual product availability vary by vehicle hardware.

    • Local Forecast and Current Conditions information is provided for over 150 major US cities. ( 3 – 5 day forecast displayed)

    • Weather information will be provided for the closest major US city and may take longer than 12 minutes to be displayed on a device.

    • For more information about XM NavTraffic, visit

    Xm navtraffic pricing
    XM NavTraffic Pricing and Information Service

    Subscribing to the XM NavTraffic service:XM NavTraffic service is available as a stand alone package (without XM radio) or as a premium package coupled with XM radio for $3.99 per month. That is less than $1 per week for the real-time traffic information provided by XM NavTraffic.

    Service Pricing:

    XM NavTraffic only: $9.95 per month

    XM NavTraffic with XM Audio: $3.99 + 12.95 = $16.94 per month

    Demonstrating xm
    Demonstrating XM and Information Service

    • The best way to sell XM Satellite Radio is to let the customer

    • listen to it: “People who try XM, Buy XM”

    • Know the radio operation

      • - How to scroll between AM/FM/XM bands

      • - How to scroll through channels

      • - How to show artist/song title

    • Preset all 12 XM Radio channel presets (XM 1 band & XM 2 band)

    • Ask the customer what type of music they listen to, then show

    • them the channels that best suit their tastes.

    • Ensure customers have a channel line up to guide them

    • through the many channels

    Gm focused website www gm xmradio com
    GM-focused website: and Information

    • Linked with all divisional websites

    • XM Corporate website (

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