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Sal Giandinoto, Ph.D. BioHarmonic Resonance. Courtesy of Alex Grey. BreakThru-Technologies Conference Calgary, Alberta November 21-25, 2009.

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bioharmonic resonance

Sal Giandinoto, Ph.D.

BioHarmonic Resonance

Courtesy of Alex Grey

BreakThru-Technologies Conference

Calgary, Alberta

November 21-25, 2009


What is BioHarmonic Resonance?Bio-Harmonic Resonance is a type of resonance associated with a living organism’s ability to resonate with the natural frequencies associated with the biological entity and its surroundings including coupling of the organism with the energy stored in the Zero Point Energy (ZPE) vacuum.Alternate Definition: Bio-Harmonic Resonance is a therapeutic method for naturally inducing a desired biological and/or psychological response through the use of resonant sound waves. These sound waves are specifically designed to enhance both physiological and psychological well being. Each sound wave specifically encodes a therapeutic functionality that is designed to produce a distinct biological and/or psychological response for which it was designed. Examples include the following:

  • Weight loss
  • Smoking cessation
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Pleasure
  • Relaxation
  • Lowering of High blood pressure
  • High energy
  • Vitamin therapy
  • Relief from depression
  • Meditation
  • Enhancement of memory and brain function
  • Stress reduction
  • What is a Harmonic?
  • A harmonic is any integer multiple of the fundamental frequency. For example, the second harmonic of 14.0 MHz is 28.0 MHz The third harmonic is 42.0 MHz. As the degree of the harmonic increases the signal strength decreases and thus the second harmonic is always the strongest.
  • What is Resonance?
  • Resonance is the tendency for a system to oscillate at larger amplitudes at some frequencies than at others. Resonance phenomena occur with all types of waves including mechanical, electromagnetic, acoustic vibrations, NMR, ESR and quantum wave functions.
what is the biofield and how does it come into play using bioharmonic resonance
What is the Biofield and how does it come into play using BioHarmonic Resonance?
  • The so-called Biofield has been termed and represented in so many esoteric disciplines that to name them all would be redundant. Suffice it to say that the field is one which encompasses the entire human body and is connected and/or coupled to the cosmic unified field. Some examples are:
  • Universal Life Force
  • Prana
  • Qi
  • Élan Vital
  • Aura (Kirlian Photography)
  • Vitalsim and Spirituality-Entelechy of Driesch
  • L-Field of Harold Saxton Burr
  • Morphic Field of biologist Rupert Sheldrake
  • Odic Force of chemist Carl von Reichenbach
  • Psychoenergetics by Prof. William A. Tiller
  • Orgone Energy by Wilhelm Reich
  • Organismic Theory
  • Kundalini
how has the so called biofield been measured in the laboratory
How has the so-called “Biofield” been measured in the Laboratory?
  • Dr. Konstantin Korotkov at St. Petersburg State Technical University of Informational Sciences uses a form of Kirlian Photography called Gas Discharge Visualization or GDV. His GDV instruments, one of which I have personally used, utilizes the use of glass electrodes to create a pulsed electrical field excitation called “The Perturbation Technique” to measure electro-photonic glow. The resulting signals are processed using his proprietary software and show coronal discharges emerging from the 10 fingers of the subject. The software then takes the images from the 10 fingers and computes an overall “Aura” of the subject.

How does gas discharge visualization technique assess a body? Emerging models of energy and control in biophysics and physiologyWilliams, B.   Kansas Univ., Lawrence, KS, USA;

AbstractThe paper presents emerging models of physiological control and energy economies in biophysics and biochemistry, to explore possible mechanisms by which the gas discharge visualization (GDV) technique can assess physiological states in conventional and complementary medical analysis, and to propose research questions focused on such possible mechanisms. A central concept in these emerging models is the storage of coherent energy as both coordination and control in resonant information channels and as immediately available energy for work in organs and tissues.

how else has the biofield been measured
How else has the Biofield been measured?

In 1978, Mesmer discovered a simple device which can detect and measure a force around the body which may be what Mesmer called animal magnetism. This shows up as a spin or rotational force on a frame which is suspended over a person’s head.

See Figure 1 for the apparatus he used:

A lady’s compact mirror which slightly focuses the spot of light works better

than a flat mirror. In the apparatus shown in Figure 1, ring magnets were

placed such that their North poles point towards the apex.


Although a pyramid frame was initially used, the force has no connection with so-called pyramid energy. The author was investigating the possible existence of pyramid energy when this other effect was accidentally discovered. The frame can be of any material; wood, plastic, or metal, and any shape. It is suspended by a nylon filament (fishing line leader). When a person sits under a hanging frame, it will rotate a few degrees. To measure the degree of rotation, a mirror is glued on the nylon filament. A wall mounted spotlight will produce a reflected spot on an adjacent wall where a scale serves to provide an accurate measurement of movement of the spot.

Figure 2 shows a different version of the device which uses a hanging scale. Other versions of the device have included a spiral helix fashioned from quarter inch copper tubing, three sided pyramidal forms, large rings, and pyramids hanging inside a bottle (Figure 3).


Devices have been made and tested with more, less, or no magnets. In general, the more magnets the more movement, but Biofield Meters still rotate even when there are no magnets on them. The instruments are stable, and rarely move when no one is near them. Over one thousand observations have been made. Instruments suspended in bottles demonstrate that air currents and thermal currents could not be involved in their movement. Units placed in bottles or glass cases are caused to move by placing one’s hands at the sides of the case. Electrical shielding or electrical grounding of the operator made no difference, however soft iron wrapped around a bottle stopped the effect.

  • Well, then, what is the biofield?
  • It appears to be a genuine new force in science.
  • It manifests itself as a physical force clearly observed on all types of biological matter.
  • As of this time (1989) it appears to be a force which produces movement at right angles around the human body. It does not push or pull like gravity or electrostatic forces. It appears to be in the form of a circular or spiral force around the body. The origin of the force is not electrical, magnetic, heat, or gravitational. It is much too large to be produced by these forces. It needs a name. The author has chosen to call it simply the biofield.
geomagnetic a index versus biofield measurements
Geomagnetic A-Index versus Biofield Measurements
  • The A-Index is simply a measure of the geomagnetic activity on earth. It is strongly affected by the sun. Us ham radio operators generally refer to the A-index as very quiet, quiet, moderate, strong or unstable.
wilhelm reich s orgone energy and orgone accumulator

The Basic Antithesis of Vegetative Life FunctionsParasympathetic = Expansion, "Towards the World"Sympathetic = Contaction, "Away from the World"


Autonomic Nervous System

Bions and Biogenesis

Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Energy and Orgone Accumulator

The Basic Antithesis of Vegetative Life Functions Parasympathetic = Expansion, "Towards the World“ Sympathetic = Contraction, "Away from the World"


Bions and Biogenesis

A. Vesicles inside a disintegrating blade of grass. 1500X (illustration)B. Bions breaking free of grass and clumping.C. Clumps of bions with a membrane formed around them and internal movement.D. The same organism in a contracted and elongated form: pulsing back and forth.These organisms were observed to swim freely, develop a mouth, and "eat". Some of these organisms stopped returning to the spheroid shape, retaining the elongated shape, and developed further into amoeba.Reich made movies of this process of biogenesis in the mid 1930s.

accumulating orgone energy

The Interaction of the Orgone Energy Field of a Person Sitting Inside of An Orgone Energy Accumulator.

Accumulating Orgone Energy

Reich found that organic materials attracted and held orgone energy; and metal attracted and then rapidly repelled it. By designing an enclosure, similar to the Faraday cage, lined on the inside with metal and made with alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials, he discovered that atmospheric orgone energy was accumulated and concentrated inside.

The Interaction of the Orgone Energy Field of a Person Sitting Inside of An Orgone Energy Accumulator.

one possible configuration of the biofield s toroidal assembly
One possible configuration of the Biofield’s Toroidal Assembly

Between all these tori there should appear precise resonant and collective coherence quantum phenomena, so as to form a gross and unified toroidal field that embraces the human body at certain distances around it.

list of emotions and ailments bioharmonic resonance currently addresses
List of Emotions and Ailments BioHarmonic Resonance Currently Addresses
  • Meditation
  • Weight Loss
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Multivitamin Package
  • Relaxation
  • Pleasure
  • Memory
  • Anti-Depressant

How does the BioHarmonic Resonance Therapy Work?

  • by supplying any missing resonant frequencies the body may have
  • by stimulating immune response through the use of naturally occurring harmonics
  • by enhancing and strengthening the human body’s defense mechanisms
  • by harmonizing the body’s critical energy points or Chakras into alignment
  • by producing a meditative and relaxing environment
  • by brain entrainment especially with the meditation track

How can we scientifically verify the efficacy of BioHarmonic Resonance Therapy?

  • For memory a double blind standard psychological examination
  • Same for all of the other ailments and emotions. Psychological tests
how was bioharmonic resonance developed
How was BioHarmonic Resonance Developed?
  • It was developed in early 2007 when Michael Heleus, discoverer of the astrosonic effect, suggested sonification of the IR spectrum of bio-significant chemicals, which concept Sal Giandinoto and Bill Donavan have jointly been developing since.
  • I then took the FTIR spectrum of Vitamin C and placed all of the absorbance frequencies and their corresponding amplitudes into an Excel Spreadsheet.
  • These were then further manipulated on Excel using a proprietary algorithm.
  • Finally, the numbers thus obtained were entered into Mathematica 6.0 and were converted into Frequency Modulated (FM) signals.
  • When I first played the vitamin C wave file I noticed that I could actually taste the vitamin C. This is known as a synesthetic response or synesthesia.
  • Synesthesia is a neurologically based phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.








Phase Conjugate/Fractal Field Magnetic Array used for treating water

  • A proprietary array of strong magnets (~ 5,300 Gauss each) was assembled inside of a piece of copper tubing.
  • Regular tap water (~10 L) was circulated through the magnet stack using a pump for between 15-30 minutes.
  • The resulting water was used in a germination study of white mustard seeds where the tap water served as a control.
  • The following results after four days of germination showed an approximately 250% increase in germination rate of the magnetically treated water versus the control. This experiment was replicated at least four times with the same results.
  • Other Research Findings-
  • Increases solubility of vitamins and minerals improving the biological activity of solutions positively affecting the performance of humans, plants and animals.
  • The property of magnetism is present in every living cell (Slawinsky, 1988; Popp, 1989; Gu, 1992). The equilibrium of living cells can be restored with the help of magnets (Lam, 2001).

Magnetic Water Germination Study

March 27, 2009

Two shallow dishes measuring 7.5 inches in diameter were individually charged with 50 ml of tap water and 50 ml of

magnetically treated water (30 minutes). Then, a 4” X 4” square cotton mat was placed in each dish. After the mats had

absorbed the maximum amount of water, 30 mustard seeds (white) were planted in each dish in five rows of six. The

seeds were covered with black plastic to avoid evaporation and the dishes were stored at room temperature (18-20C).

After four days of germination the following observations were made:

Tap WaterMagnet Water

11 un-germinated 5 un-germinated

10 partially germinated 6 partially germinated

7 one-inch 6 one-inch

0 two-inch 3 two-inch

0 one and half inch 3 one and half inch

2 half inch 7 half inch

7 + 1 = 8 6(1) + 3(2) + 3(3/2) + 7/2 = 20

gdv entropy results of magnetically treated water
GDV Entropy Results of Magnetically Treated Water

Ordinary tap water (15L) was re-circulated through the magnet stack for about 15-20 minutes. A sample of this ‘magnetized’

water was compared to the original tap water prior to passage through the magnet stack. The two samples were analyzed

using the Kirlionics GDV device with the water attachment plate which was submerged in 1 Liter of water in a glass beaker.

The results, shown below, indicate a 46% reduction in entropy of the magnet water compared to that of the tap water.

100 data points for each sample was taken for the measurements.

Tap water (BLUE)

Magnet Water (RED)

Entropy Avg. (magnetic water)= 1.43

Entropy Avg. (tap water)=2.66


23 Days Post Germination

Magnet Water

Tap Water


29 Days Post Germination

Magnet Water

Tap Water


31 Days Post Germination

Magnet Water

Tap Water


Scientific Conclusions of Magnetically treated Water and its effects on seed Germination and Growth

  • Passing water through the Phase Conjugate magnetic array causes a net decrease in Entropy of about 46% (i.e., creates a more ordered and coherent system).
  • The water thus being in a more ordered and coherent state therefore is able to facilitate germination and plant growth by a factor of up to about 300% based on the actual plant yield (weight) of the magnetically treated water plants vs. the untreated water plants.
  • Scientific literature supports the enhancement of both seed germination and growth using ‘magnetically charged’ water. (Carbonell, M.V., Martínez, E., Díaz, J.E., Amaya, J.M. and Flórez, M. (2004), Seed Sci. & Technol., 32, 617-619). Their work was performed on Signalgrass seeds using a series of six 0.04T magnets where they achieved an 18% increase in seed germination rate.
  • Our system used much stronger magnets (5,300 Gauss = 1.89T) and resulted in a ~250% increase in seed germination rate and a ~300% increase in yield.

Conductivity Experiment of Water in Gold Plated Ceramic cups with PCC

(Phase Conjugate Crystals)

Red = Gold Cup with PCC

Blue = Gold Cup Only


Fermentation Study using Ceramic Gold plated cups with PCC

  • Due to the dramatic increase in conductivity effect we observed in the water conductivity experiments we chose to conduct a study on fermentation using the Gold plated ceramic cups with the PCC.
  • We chose to investigate the rate of change in fermentation as a result of the electric field generated by the Gold plated PCC cups on a proven glucose consumption assay.
  • The assay was based on the formation of NADH from NAD+ which is directly correlated with an increase in glucose consumption. The UV absorbance at 340nm was used to measure this.

NAD+ is a co-enzyme found in ALL living cells!

  • In metabolism, NAD+ is involved in Redox reactions, carrying electrons from one reaction to another.
  • NAD+ is therefore an oxidizing agent accepting electrons from other molecules and becomes reduced to form NADH.


  • Great thanks to all the sponsors of the BreakThru-Technologies Conference:
  • Mr. Roger Green
  • Mr. Dan Winter
  • Mr. Paul Harris
  • Kerri Wilson
  • Dr. Kathy J. Forti, Ph.D.

Also great thanks to Mr. Paul Manweiler and The LifeWorks Foundation for their generous support of this research.