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Everything You Don ’ t Know About Infographics PowerPoint Presentation
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Everything You Don ’ t Know About Infographics

Everything You Don ’ t Know About Infographics

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Everything You Don ’ t Know About Infographics

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  1. Everything You Don’t Know About Infographics Starting at 10:30am PST Chat with follow webinar attendees: Ask questions using the Questions functionality to the right. Technical problems or feedback on the webinar: Please email

  2. Everything You Don’t Know About Infographics { Chris Bennett } @chrisbennett

  3. I’m hoping to... Pursued those that have never tried data visualization. Encourage those that have failed. Inspire those that can’t stand to look at another infographic.


  5. Increased Traffic Branding Social Success Links Better Rankings Good Data Visualizations Work and Work Well

  6. 97th Floor Creative Brief - Infographic Client: Rough Due Date: Dimensions (Pixels): Color Scheme: Branding Inclusions: Working Title: Summary: Research: Inspiration: Rate: Website: Publish Date: Infographics: Start To Finish

  7. 1. Brainstorm ideas -- identify a discussion in which the client ought to be active and vocal in, and then find a unique angle to chime in so that what we have to say is a) insightful b) creative. 2. Research -- we typically start with an idea, and then move on to data-mining, and finding out what the experts in an industry have to say on the topic. It is during this process that we know if the idea we came up with in the first stage is actionable; eg, that we are not making up story but that there is data which is both interesting/available that merits our story-telling 3. Copywriting and Editing -- this is how where we lay out the hierarchy and flow of information being designed, striving to make every thing as digestible as possible. 4. Briefing -- project manager/researcher sends connects with designer for the production of the graphic 5. Design -- designer does his work alongside the project manager to ensure that we are telling the story that we want to, and that the information is presented in the most intuitive and straight-forward manner. 6. Revisions -- the polishing and tightening up of design/copy/colors/fonts, etc 7. Publish -- coordinate the publish for maximum visibility -- eg., M-Th are the best days, etc. 8. Promo -- send out the content to everywhere/everyone. 9. Report -- Report on success. eg. Traffic, Pageviews/Uniques, big mentions, social counts and link counts. Talk with client about results tracking eg. better search referrals, conversions, sales etc... Infographics: Start To Finish

  8. Ideas and Research

  9. Stick to your guns

  10. Infographics are not Gimmicks Be creative, no marketing 101, Top 10 List, History of..., Evolution of...crap.

  11. You don’t even need an idea, or a tagline. This is simply just...”The Economic Stimulus Plan Graphic.”

  12. Ideas and Research Use Delicious Some specific tips on quick but good research. Use the new delicious it is awesome and so quick.

  13. Ideas and Research Use Delicious Narrow your search down by adding “infographic” as a tag.

  14. Every Halloween/Costume Site on the planet has done...”Slutty Costumes”, or “Inappropriate Kids Costumes” etc... as a graphic. Halloween Express found some actual stats and did something entirely different. It killed on delicious, Digg and a bunch of others.

  15. Quora is your best friend. We will come back to this in Promo too.

  16. 4 Reasons Why Your Visualization DIED!

  17. Death by information...or lack thereof.

  18. if it would lead to the wrong conclusions, not presenting the data at all would be better.

  19. A majority of Americans say Japan is an innovative country; not so China and India. Newsweek I swear on my life, this is the entire graphic.

  20. Death by design

  21. If you need this much text then you shouldn’t be making a graphic, but writing an article.

  22. This is basically a blog post saved as an image file with a green background. How is this “Data Visualization?”

  23. “Just because you saved your .doc as a .png does not mean you know how to make infographics.”

  24. Death by text


  26. Or

  27. Or

  28. Text Remember your are telling a story with DATA rather than words. Sell your Hooks.

  29. Death by bad promo be continued

  30. Infographics: Beat a Dead Horse

  31. Social Media Landscape Launched in 2010 = Extremley Successful

  32. Social Media Landscape Launched in 2011 = Rinse and Repeat

  33. Infographics: Branding

  34. Love this example because it can shamelessly plug Mozy and their capabilities as it directly relates to the graphic.

  35. Complex info that would be boring as a text article. Layout is good which is very important given the topic. Topic related to web dev have better chance of success cause it is targeting people active in sharing.

  36. Looking Ahead Infographics still work, but you should be thinking about other cool ways to visualize data.

  37. API’s Tickers Live Stats Interactive Visualizations

  38. ChaCha ties their graphics into questions most frequently asked via their technology. Creates an interactive experience that keeps people on the site and drives page views.

  39. Super Simple! The idea isn’t whats genius the visualization and function is.

  40. Click the boxes on the left and it changes.

  41. Or Its all about the presentation. Theres eggs and potatoes and then there is eggs and potatoes.

  42. Love this idea. See how far Western Dance Music had spread by the 1960‘s

  43. By the 1980‘s

  44. By 2011

  45. You’d better believe the 2012 version of this is going to be interactive.

  46. Yes you need to target social sites, no I am not going to talk about them. It has been talked about a million times, do a search you will find plenty.

  47. But... Use paid StumbleUpon Ads to reignite or launch if you don’t have a good account. Also network with those in your industry that have huge FaceBook Pages and Twitter accounts.

  48. Increased Traffic Branding Social Success Links Better Rankings You are obviously going to drive traffic, most social traffic won’t do much besides share. You will find a large increase of Brand searches and exact domain type ins in the days following. We have seen increases up to 5% for Uber Large brands and over 1,000% for small brands

  49. That is a lot of Links!