splish splash water n.
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Splish! Splash! WATER! PowerPoint Presentation
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Splish! Splash! WATER!

Splish! Splash! WATER!

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Splish! Splash! WATER!

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  1. Splish!Splash!WATER! Jeopardy Review Game Let’s Play Jeopardy!

  2. Vocabulary Experiments Concepts What if? Fill in the blank $1 $1 $1 $1 $1 $2 $2 $2 $2 $2 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10

  3. VOCABULARY $1Choose the letter that best defines the word, EARTH MATERIAL.A. objects made by humansB. substance that makes up or comes from earthC. substances humans use to help protect the earth

  4. VOCABULARY $2Choose the letter that best defines the word, CONTRACT.A. to become larger and take up more spaceB. to become smaller and take up less spaceC. to change from a solid to a liquid

  5. VOCABULARY $5Tell the class the definition of SURFACE AREA.

  6. VOCABULARY $101. Tell the class what the word PROPERTY means.2. Give an example of what a PROPERTY could be.

  7. Experiments $1 Look at the object I am going to draw on the board.What is this an example of? What can we call this?

  8. Experiments $2When water created a dome-shaped and skin-like surface on top of the penny, what was that called?

  9. Experiments $5TRUE or FALSE.The water evaporated the fastest from the graduated cylinder.

  10. Experiments $10What happened to the water on top of the penny when you added soapy water to it?

  11. Concepts $1 The process of a liquid turning into a gas, such as water vapor, is called ______________.

  12. Concepts $2Which is denser in room temperature water?A. hot waterB. cold water

  13. DAILY DOUBLEConceptsWhich earth material would you use to plant a flower? Soil or gravel? Explain your answer.

  14. Concepts $10 Why does water evaporate faster from the flat lid?I am looking for a specific word.

  15. What if? $1What if I put an ice cube into room temperature water.Will the ice cube sink or float?

  16. What if? $2What if I put a drop of water on each of the following slopes.Which slope would the drop of water go down faster?A.B.

  17. What if? $5What if I left a glass jar completely filled with water inside the freezer.What would happen to the water and jar?

  18. What if? $10What if water vapor or gas in the air touched a cool surface.What would happen to the water vapor or gas?

  19. Fill in the Blank $1__________ is an example of precipitation.

  20. Fill in the Blank $2Water can do _______, such as making a heavy load move.

  21. Fill in the Blank $5When people dump trash into the lake while fishing, they are affecting the _______ ______.

  22. Fill in the Blank $10If an object floats in water, it is _______ ______.

  23. Final Jeopardy Question Explain to the class what a cycle is AND what happens in a water cycle.

  24. Final Jeopardy Answer A cycle is a sequence of events that happen over and over again. The water cycle is when precipitation falls from the clouds to the ground and bodies of water. Then, the water on the ground and bodies of water evaporates and turns into a gas (water vapor). After that, the gas condenses (turns into clouds). The clouds then precipitate again. The cycle keeps on going.