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Training Needs Analysis (TNA) PowerPoint Presentation
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Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

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Training Needs Analysis (TNA) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Training Needs Analysis (TNA). Week 4 – 11 August 2009. Training Needs Analysis. Learning outcomes: Define a training needs analysis (TNA) Explain the significance of a TNA List the stages of a TNA Explain the process fro carrying out a TNA Conduct a TNA Report te findings of a TNA.

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Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

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    1. Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Week 4 – 11 August 2009

    2. Training Needs Analysis Learning outcomes: • Define a training needs analysis (TNA) • Explain the significance of a TNA • List the stages of a TNA • Explain the process fro carrying out a TNA • Conduct a TNA • Report te findings of a TNA

    3. What is a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) • The purpose of training is to obtain desired level of work performance by choosing the gap between the skills and abilities possessed (or competency level) and those required to meet the objectives of the enterprise (or competency standard). • IDENTIFYING THIS GAP IS CALLED A TRAINING NEED ANAYSIS • Activity: in one paragraph finish the following statement – “A training need exists when …”

    4. Training Needs Analysis Required standard of performance Actual performance Performance Gap

    5. Functions of a TNA • Collect information on the skill, knowledge and feelings of the performer • Collect information on the job content and job context • Define the desired and actual performance in useful detail • Involve stakeholders & build support • Provide data for planning

    6. Training Needs Analysis Activity: There are many reasons why a trainer should conduct a TNA. In pairs identify 5 reasons why you should conduct a TNA. • Avoid training for ‘training sake’ • Supports cost effective training • Targets areas of greatest need • Gives information on the organisation climate • Gets commitment from mangers and trainees • Separates the ‘symptoms’ from the ‘causes’

    7. The Training System Training Needs Analysis Develop learning outcomes Develop assessment Develop Program (or session) Select strategies select delivery mode select media Deliver instruction Develop instruction Develop materials Assess learning Evaluate program

    8. How can a need be identified? • Complaints from staff, customers/clients • Poor quality of work • Frequent errors • Over handling items • Large staff turnover • Performance dates not met • Conflict among staff • New equipment systems Indicators of a need

    9. Important job information that needs to be collected • Job roles • Job process • Task list • Job problems • Task frequency • Task difficulty • Task importance Job information

    10. How to do a TNA - process Document the problem 7 steps Investigate the problem Plan the needs analysis Select the technique Conduct the analysis Analyse the data Report the findings

    11. What techniques can be used in carrying out an TNA • Interviews • Survey questionnaires • Job descriptions and person specifications • Critical incidents • Log books and other company reports • Industry seminars • Supervisor’s reports Use for assessment

    12. Training needs analysis • Recap • What is a TNA • What significance has a TNA have in the training system? • List the seven steps in the TNA process • What should be included in a TNA report? • Case study