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SHS. What every Sophomore parent should know about High School. SHS. Academics. English Language Arts. Recommended DAP English I English I English II English II English III English III English IV English IV. Mathematics. Recommended DAP Algebra I Algebra I

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What every Sophomore parent should know about High School



english language arts
English Language Arts


English I English I

English II English II

English III English III

English IV English IV



Algebra I Algebra I

Geometry Geometry

MMA Algebra II

Algebra II 4th Math

4th Math (If MMA was not taken)

  • Once a student takes Algebra II, they cannot go back to take MMA and will be required to pass a more advanced math class in order to graduate…… MMA serves as a good transition course between the Geometry and the Algebra II
additional courses that will count as the 4 th required math course
Additional Courses that will count as the 4th required Math course
  • Mathematical Models with Applications

(Not for DAP Graduates; must be taken before successfully completing Algebra II)

  • Pre Calculus CP
  • Pre Calculus Pre AP
  • College Algebra/Pre Calculus DE
  • AP Statistics
  • Calculus Pre AP
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC


Biology Biology


Physics Physics

4th Science 4th Science

IPC may count as the 4th

science if taken before

Chemistry and Physics

additional courses that will count as the 4 th required science course
Additional Courses that will count as the 4th required science course:

Anatomy and Physiology CP

Anatomy and Physiology Pre AP

AP Chemistry

AP Physics

Biology DE

Environmental Science Pre AP

AP Environmental Science

Forensic Science (SRS ONLY)

Medical Micro Biology (SRS ONLY)

Scientific Research and Design

IPC (Recommended plan only & must be taken before Chemistry & Physics)

social studies
Social Studies


World Geography World Geography

World History World History

U.S. History U.S. History

Government (.5) Government (.5)

Plus Plus

Economics (.5) Economics (.5)

additional credits required
Additional Credits Required:


PE 1.0 credits 1.0

Health .5 credits .5

Speech .5 credits .5

(Communication Application or professional communication)

Fine Art 1.0 credits 1.0

Technology Credit 1.0 credits 1.0

Foreign Lang. 2.0 credits 3.0

Electives 4.0 credits 3.0

shs gpa s

Only the core classes are calculated into the Grade Point Average……..

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Courses taken through Summer School, Ed Options, AEP, Credit By Exam or off campus programs are not calculated into the GPA

pass fail courses
Pass / Fail Courses

Any additional core area courses taken after a student has met their requirements may be taken PASS / FAIL.

Ex: If a student has completed 4 credits of math and they want to take a more advanced math course but don’t want it to affect their GPA, a student has the option to take the course PASS/FAIL. The course and grade will still show up on the transcript, but it is not calculated into the GPA. These courses do count towards UIL Eligibility.

credit requirements for promotion purposes
Credit requirements for promotion purposes
  • 10th grade 6 credits
  • 11th grade 12 credits
  • 12th grade 18 credits
  • Graduate 26 credits
distinguished achievement program
Distinguished Achievement Program

In addition to the additional Foreign language, Physics and Pre-Calculus, a student must meet any combination of 4 of the following measures:

  • Meet “Commended Performance” on the PSAT.
  • Earn a “B” or better in a College course.
  • Earn an AP exam grade of “3” or better.
  • Earn a “B” or better in a Career and Technology articulated course. (a maximum of two measures can be used in this area)**
articulated courses
**Articulated Courses

Agriculture, Food & Nat Resources

  • Agriculture Power Systems
  • Equine Science
  • Landscape Design and Turf Grass Management

Architecture & Construction

  • Construction Technology
  • Interior Design

Business Management & Adm/Finance

  •  Principles of Business Management, Marketing and Finance
  • Accounting I
  • Accounting II
  • Business Information Management I
  • Business Information Management II
  • Business Law

Health Science

  • Principles of Health Science

Information Technology

  •  Principles of Information Technology
  • Digital and Interactive Media
  • Web Technologies

Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

  • Correctional Services
  • Law Enforcement I
  • Law Enforcement II
additional ways to earn credits
Additional Ways to earn Credits
  • Early Bird---classes begin at 7:00 am and end at 7:50 am. Students can earn ½ credit during an 18 week period.
  • Ed Options---recovery program available to students 2 days a week from 4-6:00 p.m. These classes are for courses that students have failed, however, they must meet specific requirements.
  • Correspondence courses---Through Texas Tech or the University of Texas at Austin, students may take correspondence courses. The course must be approved by the students’ counselor.
  • Credit by Exam--- students may take a local CBE for a course they have previously failed or lost credit in. (70%)

Students may also take a CBE from Texas Tech or UT for a course they want to get ahead in. There is a charge of $40.00 for each half credit and students must earn a 90%.

loss of credits
Loss of Credits

A student will automatically lose credit for their classes if they miss more than 4 days in a nine week period whether or not the absences are excused.

  • If the absences are excused, a student will be given the opportunity to attend Saturday schools for every additional day they missed.
  • If the absences are unexcused, student will lose credit for the classes and will not be able to make them up by attending Saturday Schools.

Students will be given the opportunity to turn in an “Appeal Letter” if there are extenuating circumstances.

national honor society
National Honor Society

Students are considered for NHS during their Junior year. They must meet specific criteria:

  • Must have a cumulative 4.8 GPA.
  • Must have completed 4 Pre AP courses and be enrolled in at least 1 more their Junior year.
  • Must receive no more than 1 “Denial” from:
    • Any grade below a 70
    • Referrals and detentions
    • Negative comments from the staff
    • 3 Unexcused absences
    • Loss of credit due to excessive absences

AEP placement = automatic denial

national honor society cont
National Honor Society (Cont.)

Students must complete a packet which includes:

  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Leadership positions
  • Recognitions and Awards
  • Service Activities:
    • Students must complete 20 hours of community service (1/2 of which need to be in tutoring)
    • 15 additional hours are required their Senior year

(1/2 of which need to be in tutoring)

college courses
College Courses

College courses are available to students once they begin their Junior year. It is extremely important that students do well on their TAKS so that they may qualify for these courses.

A separate presentation will be made in early February with more specific information on College Course / Program opportunities.


Counselors & Administrators

Ms. T. Guerrero 1191 A – Claudio

Ms. M. Sauceda 1177

Ms. O. Salinas 1172 Clayton – Garza, L

Mrs. C. Mendiola 1104

Mrs. Y. Nava 1366 Garza, M – Koenig

Mrs. M. Swift 1189

Mrs. E. Ramirez 1287 Kolodzej- Ortiz

Mr. J. Heath 1307

Mr. G. Cruz 1214 Osuna – Salas

Mr. J. Ramirez 1163

Ms. M. Garcia 1309 Salazar – Z

Mr. T. Silva 1101

Mrs. L. Bazan 1190 Dean of Instruction

Mrs. R. Molina 1351 Rattler Pride Academy

Mrs. E. Zendejas 1171 Mid Term & Jr. Grads.

Mrs. K. Valdes 1100 Migrant & Spec. Pops

Ms. G. Ramirez 1211 Go-Center

sharylandisd org

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    • Pre registration information
    • Pre AP/AP required Pre – Course reading
    • Career and Technology Education Courses
    • College Course opportunities
    • Student Planning tools “KUDER”
    • Tech Prep
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