grady booch pronounced bootch n.
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Grady Booch (pronounced bootch') PowerPoint Presentation
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Grady Booch (pronounced bootch')

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Grady Booch (pronounced bootch') - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grady Booch (pronounced bootch')

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  1. Grady Booch(pronounced bootch') • One of the inventors of modern object oriented (OO) design and programming • Worked on large software projects after collegeand decided there had to be a better way! • Made contributions to software architecture, software engineering, and modeling • Has been with IBM Rational as its Chief Scientist since Rational's founding in 1981 • One of the original authors of the Unified Modeling Language (UML)

  2. Grady Booch: Education, Etc. • Grew up in Amarillo, Texas • As a high-schooler in the early seventies, managed to convince his shop teacher that he really didn't want to work on “some birdhouse or something” but instead built a computer. • Received his bachelor of science from the United States Air Force Academy in 1977 and his master of science in electrical engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1979 • Later taught at the Air Force Academy – preaching OO to cadets back when everyone else still thought “structured programming” was the answer to everything

  3. Grady Booch: Pubs • Author of best-selling books on OO, including the UML Users Guide and the seminal Object-Oriented Analysis with Applications, • Published several hundred articles on software engineering (he’s lost count), including papers published in the early '80s which originated the term and practice of object-oriented design.

  4. Grady Booch: Known for… • One of the “Three Amigos” who pioneered how to annotate OO design – Their names appear on a large family of OO books  • See • As chief scientist for Rational Corp., he helped ensure that competing methods for doing OO came together – That’s how we got UML – it’s “Unified” out of all their work • A typical Booch quote: “If you look across the whole history of software engineering, it's one of trying to mitigate complexity by increasing levels of abstraction.”

  5. Grady Booch: Links • Grady’s current thing – see his web site on software architecture: • • …there you’ll also find his blog: • • Interviews with him are at: • replique.htm (where he says he likes Macs, sushi, doll houses!, and Maui weather) • (where he talks about problem solving complexity and what it’s like to work for IBM)