The outsiders by s e hinton
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The Outsiders by: S.E. Hinton. Journal Entries

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The outsiders by s e hinton

The Outsidersby: S.E. Hinton

Journal Entries

Journals will be written throughout the novel unit. There will be a total of 10 journal entries. Each entry is worth 10 points. The journals will be graded at the end of the unit for a test grade. I have mine staple 11 pieces of paper together before the unit begins. The first page is the cover (they decorate this) and then they have one page dedicated to each journal entry.

Journal 1 identity

Journal #1: Identity

Define identity. What is your personal identity?

What is your group of friends’ identity?

Journal 2 now and then

Journal #2: Now and Then

Discuss two major differences between the 1960’s and today. Discuss what you think two similarities would be between the 1960’s and today.

Journal 3 who are you

Journal #3: Who are you?

Who are you: What makes you unique? What factors influence who you are (family, friends, etc.)? Why?

Journal 4 personal reflection

Journal #4: Personal Reflection

Discuss a particular event that has impacted your life and has shaped who you are. Include a photo, drawing, or object that represents this event and explain why you chose the item.

Journal 5 cliques gangs

Journal #5: Cliques & Gangs

Part One: Draw a T-Chart. Label one side “Cliques” and theother side “Gangs”. You will brainstorm for a few minutes about anything pertaining to that topic (what the groups are like, what the people are like, why people join, who joins, etc.)

Part Two: Answer the following in 3 sentences:

Why would a young person be drawn to the deviant lifestyle associated with a gang or long to belong to a clique?

Journal 6 you vs who

Journal #6: You vs. Who

Choose a character from The Outsiders who feel you can relate to in terms of identity and personality. Explain.

Journal 7

Journal #7

Even Tough Guys Get Scared

(see handout)

Journal 8 heroes

Journal #8: Heroes

Who is your biggest hero? Why is that person important to you? What has this person done to become your hero?

Journal 9

Journal #9:

Biography Poem

(see handout)

Journal 10 casting call

Journal #10:Casting Call

If The Outsiders was to be made into a modern day movie, what actors/ actresses would you see playing the roles of Johnny, Ponyboy, Soda, Dally, Darry, Two-Bit, Steve, Bob, and Cherry. Why?