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Get your fortune told!

Get your fortune told!. Start. A0+. Quit. V7.5. Hello I ’ m Uncertain Cecelia Uranium. 1265.53% People who heard my fortune have died. Don ’ t worry, you might too! Which course meal do you like?. Dessert. Main Course. Quit.

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Get your fortune told!

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Get your fortune told! Start A0+ Quit V7.5

  2. Hello I’m Uncertain Cecelia Uranium. 1265.53% People who heard my fortune have died. Don’t worry, you might too! Which course meal do you like? Dessert Main Course Quit

  3. I’ll tell you your fortune now, answer this question first. If you could have anything for desert what would it be? I’m curious. Vegetarian G-Bone Steak Beef Éclair Water soup with water spices Eggplant Sundae Chocolate Hair Mousse Home Quit

  4. Pukeful Choice! Catch one of the flying shapes to get your fortune. Start Home Quit

  5. Ok, now, 4 flying shapes will pass by telling you a message choose one of the messages and the give the answer. Start Home Quit

  6. You were too late! Home Quit

  7. Hong Fat Noodle Row Row Noodle Row Row H20 Hong Fat H20 Home Quit

  8. You are a wise fool! Home Quit

  9. An extremely unique fortune you have. Home Quit

  10. Rather Terrifying, I would please to not talk about it. Home Quit

  11. Oof, bad, horrible and terrific! Home Quit

  12. You will or will not go on a summer vacation. Home Quit

  13. That’s for you to find out! How convenient am I? Home Quit

  14. Well let’s say, this is impossible to figure out! Ask the newbie fortuneteller across the road. Home Quit

  15. … Oh! Yes. Press one of the squares or circles for your fortune. Home Quit

  16. Down the cliff we go! Home Quit

  17. One day, someone will try or think of censoring you. Home Quit

  18. You are going to be rich or are you? Home Quit

  19. You will exist. Home Quit

  20. What would you like to do on a summer vacation? Go to the desert Break the record for the most drowns In 8 seconds Home Quit

  21. I will be convicted for nothing. Home Quit

  22. You will find out that I’m a fraud. Home Quit

  23. Yum Yum, In my mum! Now, try to press a circle or a square with a number 7 to get your fortune. 6+8 33x0 707 Home Quit

  24. You will understand what this sentence means. Home Quit

  25. I won’t give you a brownie. Home Quit

  26. Eek! Home Quit

  27. If you could have anything for main course meal what would it be? I don’t want to know, but I have to, to tell your fortune. Crunchy Skinflakes Bread Yoghurt Coupon Burnt Delight S’ Dfstu Home Quit

  28. Now figure out what this means. Giosdujfp’pdtupedvl.slfjk5983i iPod There once was nothing. Home Quit

  29. True or false? This question is a true or false question. 598.795 False False Home Quit

  30. You will do something embarrassing but won’t notice it. Home Quit

  31. You will turn off this PowerPoint, frustrated. Home Quit

  32. You will look up a rude word in a dictionary. But now that you know it, you might not. Home Quit

  33. Three men will rob your house while you’re sleeping but they will place it where it was immediately. Home Quit

  34. You will wonder about what this fortune means. Home Quit

  35. Coupon, eh? What sort of coupon? Burger Land 70% on Coupon Rip-offer’s buy nothing! Coupon Refund heaven’s more interest Coupon BNet’s no net for 3 days Coupon Home Quit

  36. I advise you to think before you say. (I don’t but that’s another story.) Home Quit

  37. I have to say, this fortune is not speakable! Choose another option! Home Quit

  38. Soon you will be either employed or unemployed. Home Quit

  39. It will rain. Home Quit

  40. There is a 3 chairs which one will you sit on? Left Right Middle Home Quit

  41. It will be summer sooner or later. Home Quit

  42. You will protest against my fortunes. Home Quit

  43. This fortune is a fake. Home Quit

  44. Aasio, swjdh ir maeit kfoe mas? (EIss, t ad’dg) Lemas Simas Momas Lemas Simas Momas Home Quit

  45. Mkdejs sleiwej Tamarw, were. Qeskhy dthe! Home Quit

  46. TTTTTT (SSSSSS) Home Quit

  47. Lemas sio ya manatomie. Home Quit

  48. Chibo aciak “masekjdghdskjfhejhjzcn” no.43. Home Quit

  49. Engliso knono skal iaodos samalo kaesa ti 34$, we! Home Quit

  50. Tiamaria samoyia tisa. Home Quit

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