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Whats Your Fortune? Fortune Cookies

Whats Your Fortune? Fortune Cookies. Our Goals? Location? Transportation? CEO Cars. Raegan August and Tom Gaunay. (XYZ Inc.). What’s our goal?.

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Whats Your Fortune? Fortune Cookies

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  1. Whats Your Fortune? Fortune Cookies Our Goals?Location? Transportation?CEO Cars Raegan August and Tom Gaunay (XYZ Inc.)

  2. What’s our goal? Our goal is to make people happy with the fortunes that are in the cookie. To put a golden smile on your face, and to supply the best tasting fortune cookie in the united states. And maybe the world. Due to the high popularity of these cookies, transportation vehicles will be needed.

  3. Location The company is located in New York, New York. The cookies are transported up to Albany, New York. The cookies are then distributed all around United States. Local shipping will be provided too. WYF?

  4. Transportation • The car is powered by compressed air. • It can go up to 95mph • It has a range over 800 miles • Needs a little bit of gas but gets 106 miles to the gallon • Only $17,800 • Takes an hour to fill the air up • Doesn’t use any gas when going under 35 mph. • This will be used for local trans potation

  5. Transportation (Continued) This Truck will be used for long distance delivery. It gets 13 miles to the gallon and is great for traveling, and will hold 200 boxes of fortune cookies.

  6. CEO Cars BMW Z4 2008 Convertible. Starting at $37,700 MSRP 3.0 Liter, 6 cylinder Engine 215 HP Rear wheel drive 28 mpg Highway

  7. CEO Car #2 Ford Hydrogen Powered Vehicle $40,524 MSRP Gets up to 600 miles per fill. Sits 4 people very comfortably Very stylish Front wheel drive

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