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Strategic project

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Strategic project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Strategic project
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  1. “Common Strategy for Sustainable Territorial Development of the cross-border area Romania-Bulgaria” 26th of September 2013 Craiova, Romania

  2. Strategic project • Common Strategy for Sustainable Territorial Development of the cross-border area Romania-Bulgaria is a strategic project mainly through: - The Impact of the area on economic, social and environmental aspects through the results provisioned • The Strategic partnership: 4 Romanian partners and 8 Bulgarian partners, with two central authorities from Romania and Bulgaria • The Complex set of activities stipulated in the Application Form, jointly implemented by the partners

  3. GENERAL CONTEXT • EU Regulation proposals for the next financial period and future cohesion policy: • Role of the strategic planning • Results oriented policy • EU Strategy for the Danube Region • After Phare CBC Programmes from 1999 to 2006 • Within Romania – Bulgaria Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 • Preparing the next financial period

  4. The eligible area addressed by the Programme is one of the longest borders within the EU. The border stretches for 610 km, and for 470 km is largely demarcated by the course of the River Danube. • 16 administrative units (NUTS III level) belong to 6 regions (NUTS II level), as follows: sevencounties in Romania: Mehedinti, Dolj, Olt, Teleorman, Giurgiu, Calarasi,Constanta; ninedistricts in Bulgaria: Vidin, Vratsa, Montana, Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse,Silistra, DobrichandRazgrad • Due to the dividing factor (and geographical distances) of the Danube, the cross-border area has been more separated than thought, and only to a very limited extent worked/works as a region.

  5. General information: • Start of the project 09.02.2012 • Implementation period : 24 months • Value of the operation : 6 813 222 euro • Legal documents : - Partnership Agreement - FinancingDecisionno 1054B/9.02.2012 • Co-financingcontracts • Website: www. spatial-cbc. eu

  6. Project Objectives: • To realize a comprehensive evaluation of the social, economic and territorial cohesion and economic competitiveness of the Romanian-Bulgarian Cross-Border area, • To elaborate the Territorial Development Strategy for the sustainable spatial and economic development of the Romanian-Bulgarian Cross-Border area, • To setting up a comprehensive and operational territorial data base for the Romanian-Bulgarian Cross-Border area , • To develop and implement efficient and sustainable territorial monitoring instruments, • To developing and implementing relevant pilot project: 2 integrated and 5 sectorial, • To rise the awareness in the Romanian-Bulgarian Cross-Border area for common problems and sustainable solutions in the area and for an efficient promotion of the region.

  7. Project Results: • Evaluation reports on social, economic and territorial cohesion, on economic competitiveness and environment of the cross-border area • A common Territorial Development Strategy for a coherent and synergic approach of the two riversides of the Danube to increase territorial cohesion and ensuring conditions for economic competitiveness of the cross-border area and an Action Plan • An operational common territorial data base and cartographic support for the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border area, a common set of indicators and a common methodology to monitoring the territory • A Territorial Observatory to monitoring the development of the cross-border area • Implemented 5sectorial pilot projects in the field of economic competitiveness-business environment, education-human resources development, agriculture-land improvement, transports-infrastructures and tourism and 2 integrated pilot projects • Information and knowledge largely disseminated among the main stakeholders of the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border area –public consultations • A brand for the Romania-Bulgaria Cross Border Region commonly promoted at European level

  8. Results • According to the Priority Axe 1 • elaboration and implementation of a common strategy • capitalization of the common opportunities in the cross-border area • According to the RO-BG Cross-Border Cooperation Programme - create new partnerships between communities - implementation of a common project through common criterions: common development, implementation, staff, financing

  9. Partners:

  10. Methodology of implementation • LP : Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration – Romania • Each partner, as it is stipulated in the Application Form, coordinate specific activities, organize events, and have according to an Action Plan common agreed, activities to accomplish in all main Activities. • Each partner has a budget agreed according to his activities

  11. Status of the project • Month 19 of implementation • All working packages are started and in implementations • 5 progress reports and 5 reimbursement claims – estimated value 750.000 euro • almost 13 % from the general budget • Seriously delays in the public procurements • first draft of the analyze, • Common methodology elaborated • Data bases –in progress • All pilot projects –in implementation • Common Strategy – terms of reference elaborated

  12. For more information please contact us! Cristina DEDIU Project manager General Directorate for Regional Development Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration -Romania Investing in your future! Project co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund