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Our theme is PIRATES!. Key stage 1/ Early Key Stage 2. By Katie Herbert, Amy Vaughan, Kate Adamson, Caroline Gibbs, Rebecca Mckay. PIRATES. Lots of curriculum links Exciting and imaginative theme Recent resources and stimuli e.g. Pirates of the Caribbean

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Our theme is pirates l.jpg

Our theme is PIRATES!

Key stage 1/ Early Key Stage 2

By Katie Herbert, Amy Vaughan, Kate Adamson, Caroline Gibbs, Rebecca Mckay

Pirates l.jpg

  • Lots of curriculum links

  • Exciting and imaginative theme

  • Recent resources and stimuli e.g. Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Offers opportunities to be creative

  • Develop relationships as a class – collaborative skills

  • Interactive

  • Originally we planned to go to Irchester Country Park linking our theme Pirates, with the focus on the curriculum areas Physical Education and History.

Medium term planning over a half term l.jpg
Medium Term Planning – over a half term.


- Telescope

  • P.E.

  • Orienteering

  • Dance

  • Swimming

  • ART

  • - Colour and drawing

  • - Sculpture


  • Poetry

  • Diaries

  • Drama

  • Stories

  • Speaking & Listening


    • Grace O’Mally

    • Trading


  • Coordinates

  • Money

  • Fractions


    • Map reading

    • Trading

  • Pirates


    • Floating and sinking

    • Healthy eating

    History l.jpg

    National Curriculum 2a – b, 3, 4a- b, 5a – c, 8a

    - Knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past

    - Historical enquiry

    - Historical interpretation

    - Organisation and communication

    - British history

    • What is a pirate?

    • What pirates look like

    • Life on a pirate ship

    • Food and drink

    • Pirate battles

    • Weapons

    • Punishments

    • Famous Pirates – Grace O’Mally

    Physical education l.jpg
    Physical Education

    • Dance – National Curriculum 6a-d

    • - create and perform their own dance from pirate culture

    • Use imaginative movements – also linked to the pirate theme

    • Respond to a stimuli – e.g. pirate music or picture.

    • Orienteering – National curriculum 11a - c

    • - taking part in outdoor challenges in familiar environments

    • - using a range of orienteering and problem solving skills

    • Working with others to meet challenges

    • Swimming – National Curriculum 9d

    • - use a range of recognised strokes and personal survival skills.

    Geography l.jpg

    • Map reading – National Curriculum 2b,c,e, 7c

    • Geographical enquiry and skills

    • Themes/Breadth of study skills

    • Trading

    • - routes of trading

    Slide7 l.jpg

    Sculptures/3D work – National Curriculum 2a-c

    - Investigating and making art, craft and design

    Colour and drawing – National Curriculum 5d

    - Investigating and making art, craft and design in the locality and in a variety of genres, styles and traditions.

    Digital Photography – National Curriculum 5c

    - Using a range of materials and processes including ICT.

    Core subjects l.jpg
    Core subjects

    • Literacy

    • - Drama (Hot seating, role play)

    • - Writing letters (e.g. Grace O’Mally to Queen Elizabeth)

    • Poetry

    • Stories (reading and writing)

    • Maths

    • Coordinates

    • Money (fractions, percentages)


    - Floating and sinking

    - Health (healthy eating, lifestyle)

    Before the outdoor learning experience l.jpg
    Before the outdoor learning experience…

    History elements

    Looking at history of pirates (where, when, who etc.)

    Introduce Grace O’Malley

    • Geography/Maths elements

    • Map work/

    • Coordinates

    • Physical Education

    • -what is orienteering

    • -team work skills


    -Floating and sinking


    -Reading stories surrounding pirate theme

    The outdoor learning experience the playground l.jpg
    The Outdoor learning experience – the playground!

    • A beneficial experience in the school grounds without the expense, organisation and staffing of a school trip.

    • Can make the theme more controlled by creating the orienteering yourself.

    • Can make the playground into a suitable pirate environment to any extremes you want.

    • Can control and minimise the health and safety risks.

    • Accessible for all children.

    • The focus will be on the subjects instead of being on a trip.

    What are we going to do l.jpg
    What are we going to do?


    • In groups

    • Use a map to locate questions

    • They will be using their teamwork and problem solving skills

    • When all the questions have been answered, the teacher will give them one last clue to find the treasure.


    Questions on each marker would have a history link, e.g. based on Grace O’Malley

    Used as an informal assessment of their knowledge gained in previous lessons.

    What happens following the outdoor learning experience l.jpg
    What happens following the Outdoor learning experience?

    Art elements-

    Sculptures / drawings

    Use water colours.

    Looking at artists from the time of Grace O’Malley

    The use of art in interpreting pirate life.

    • PE elements-

    • Creating a dance using pictures and music as a stimulus.

    Slide13 l.jpg

    • Maths elements-

      - Fractions of money

    • Literacy elements-

      • Role play of pirate life

      • Hot-seating e.g. Grace O’Malley

      • Recount of the orienteering experience

      • Write their own pirate story