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Pirates of The Caribbean

Pirates of The Caribbean

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Pirates of The Caribbean

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  1. Pirates of The Caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean is an interesting story because it depicts pirates somewhat accurately.

  2. Plot The pirate Jack Sparrow arrives in Port Royal as his ship is sinking. Once he gets there he saves the governors daughter Elizabeth after she fainted and fell in the ocean. For saving the governors daughter Jack is put in prison by, commodore Norrington, because he is a pirate. Then Port Royal is attacked by the black pearl and its cursed crew. When the pirates are in Port Royal they kidnap Elizabeth and end up destroying most of the town and killing a lot of people.

  3. Plot Norrington refuses to go after Elizabeth so, a blacksmith named Will Turner ,who is in love with Elizabeth, runs to the prison to talk to Jack because it used to be his ship. Will agrees to free Jack if he will help him find and save Elizabeth. Another reason that Jack is going after the black pearl is because he was the captain and was mutinied on by his crew. So on their journey they find the black pearl and realize that the crew members are cursed because they stole some ancient aztec gold. This is real aztec gold.

  4. Plot The only way to break the curse is if every last gold coin is put back in the chest. Elizabeth is the holder of the last aztec coin, so the pirates must shed her blood and put the coin in to break the curse. But it is actually Will’s blood that has to be spilled to end the curse. So Will and Jack make a plan to defeat the pirates by making them mortal again. Will ends up putting the last coin in and breaking the curse just as Jack shoots the captain of the black pearl. The captain died and the crew surrendered, jack got his ship back and, Will and Elizabeth fell in love.

  5. Character Accuracy • Davy Jones is not a real person; it is an old legend or myth and so is Davy Jones locker. • Elizabeth Swann was a woman pirate. There was no such pirate, but there were many women pirates such as Anne Bonny, Mary Reed, and Alvilda. • In the third movie it says that the code was brought forth by Morgan and Bartholemew. These are real people; Sir Henry Morgan and Bartholemew the Portuguese, but they did not right any sort of code.

  6. Language/Social Values • Pirates did drink and have a good time in towns and cities they made port in. Such as the city of Tortuga; many pirates made Tortuga a main base after the year 1630 and the pirates were mainly Frenchmen and Englishmen. Tortuga map • Many pirates did not say parley, arggg, or belay. • However they did talk very poorly and in a mean way.

  7. Pirate Chronology • At one time powerful nations would hire pirates to attack and pillage the enemy nations or towns. The crew would receive a portion of anything they found; in this time pirates were liked. • Later in the age of piracy, pirates became outlaws and were no longer liked. Many places didn’t keep pirates in jail; instead they branded, hung, or whipped them

  8. Film Accuracy • Pirates were similar in some ways and different in others. • In this movie there was more fictitious things than accurate things. • For example: there is no Davy Jones, no code, no black pearl, and pirates didn’t talk the way Jack Sparrow talks. • However it did have some accurate things such as pirate punishment, women pirates, and the town of Tortuga.