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Participation in IAC PowerPoint Presentation
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Participation in IAC

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Participation in IAC
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Participation in IAC

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  1. Participation in IAC

  2. Conferences • 1985: Atlanta, GA • 1986: Paris, France • GNP+ formed at the conference • 1987: Washington, DC • 1988: Stockholm, Sweden

  3. PLHIV- disruption at the opening After effects: Nov 22, 1989: League of Red Cross Societies announces their boycott of the 1990 IAC to protest US immigration policies discriminating against PLHIV 130 local, national, and international organizations joined the boycott 1989: Montreal, Canada

  4. ACT UP coming of age @ SF IAC Immigration reform was a hot topic – WHO blasts US for regressive immigration policy but does not join boycott Media circus about it started a year early No scientific sessions were disrupted Daily street demonstrations, 280 arrests “Since Montreal, the biggest breakthrough has been the development of mutual respect between the worlds of research and AIDS activism” -Critical Path Newsletter 1990: San Francisco, CA

  5. ACT UP releases AIDS Treatment Research Agenda THE IAS moves defensively. They say: we'll send out a survey to IAS members to see if they're ok with moving it to countries with less restrictive travel bans. Skepticism abounds about whether the survey will ever happen. PLHIV threatened to move comfy chairs from the Speaker's Center to the PLHIV lounge, which lacked couches – within an hour of their threat, comfortable furniture showed up US political issues dominated this and the last IAS 1991: Florence, Italy

  6. For the first time, CBOs, NGOs, PLHIV and representatives from resource poor countries are on the planning committees Attempts to make it more inclusive including more and different types of programming PLHIV lounge was small and far away First appearance of what will become Global Village: “Global town meetings” Sex worker activism and big pharma targeted ICW formed at the conference 1992: Amsterdam, Netherlands

  7. Bad news treatment wise, AZT sucks, surprise PLWHIV in workshops 1993: Berlin, Germany

  8. First IAC to be held in Asia or in any non-US,/non-European country Last annual meeting – after this they were every 2 years ACT UP NY boycotted IAC in Japan, sending only 1 HIV-neg delegate . IAS accepted all submitted posters Commercial exhibitors passed, mostly didn't show up, which sent a mixed message to the worldwide PLHIV community Activist activities: funeral march for Aldyn McKean and a Japanese grieving ceremony where paper lanterns are floated out into water bearing the names of the deceased 1994: Yokohama, Japan

  9. The first glimmer of good news treatment wise “One World One Hope” was the theme while ART unavailable to 90% of those who need them. “One Hope, Two Worlds” AIDS activists, scientists and humanitarians alike turned their backs on David Dingwell, Canadian Minister of Health, at the opening, because he represented a government that refused to put forth a national AIDS plan. Nearly hourly demonstrations 1996: Vancouver, Canada

  10. 1998: Geneva, Switzerland

  11. First IAC south of the equator Combined force of activism amongst conference attendees and the Durban community still looms large 2000: Durban, South Africa

  12. 2002: Barcelona, Spain 2004: Bangkok, Thailand 2006: Toronto, Canada 2008: Mexico City, Mexico LIVING 2008 2010: Vienna, Austria 2012: Washington, DC LIVING 2012 2014: Melbourne, Australia Conferences

  13. Conference Organizing Committee GNP+ and ICW were permanent members, along with UNAIDS and ICASO Toronto Conference, 2006: COC changed in to CCC (“Coordinating”), making the IAS the sole “organizer” and the other partners “coorganizers”) GNP+ and ICW shared 1 vote (this was changed only last month – now both have a vote – therefore 2 for PLHIV on the CCC PLHIV in organization of the conferences

  14. PLHIV Entry Points in the Conference • Via ICW and GNP+ on the CCC • Rotating “regional” seat and rotating “network” seat – potential for PLHIV groups to apply for open call • Open calls for committee chairs and members: CPC, LAPC, SPC • Advocacy towards CCC and committees to address specific topics • Abstract submission of PLHIV work • Global Village – networking zones

  15. IAS Governing Council IAS members from each of five geographic regions nominate members to serve a term of four years Canada, Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Asia and the Pacific Islands IAS Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Governing Council President, President-Elect, Treasurer, and one Regional Representative selected from each region IAS Governance- an entry point?

  16. Thank you