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IAC. Customizing QAD for a Unique Manufacturing Process. Prashant Arya | Director IT . Agenda. 1. IAC Overview. 2. Carpet Manufacturing Model . 3. Process Mapping. 4. Outsourcing Model . 5. Lessons Learned. IAC Global Profile. $4+ Billion Global Annual Sales

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Customizing QAD for a Unique Manufacturing Process

Prashant Arya | Director IT



IAC Overview


Carpet Manufacturing Model


Process Mapping


Outsourcing Model


Lessons Learned

iac global profile
IAC Global Profile
  • $4+ Billion Global Annual Sales
  • Leading Supplier of Automotive Components & Systems
  • 73 manufacturing facilities in 15 countries - 28,000 Employees
  • Process capabilities include
    • Compression
    • Injection and Blow molding technologies
    • Various trimming and finishing methods
iac s core market leadership segments
IAC’s Core Market Leadership Segments

Doors & Trim


Instrument Panels, Consoles & Cockpits

Flooring &

Acoustic Systems

Headliner &

Overhead Systems

Other Interior &

Exterior Components

  • Doors Panels
  • Armrests
  • Decorative appliqués
  • Map pockets
  • Switch bezels
  • Speaker grills
  • Safety components
  • Instrument Panels
  • Cockpits
  • Center consoles
  • Hard & soft panels
  • Glove box assemblies
  • Air distribution products
  • Air registers
  • Decorative appliqués
  • Cup holder
  • Utility flooring
  • Floor Carpets
  • Floor mats
  • Acoustic insulators
  • Package trays
  • Trunk trim
  • Engine insulators
  • Wheel arch liners
  • Overhead systems
  • Headliner
  • substrates
  • Grab handles
  • Overhead consoles
  • Visors
  • Interior lighting
  • Safety systems
  • Interior
      • Cargo
      • Management
      • Load floors
      • Seat panels
      • Pillars
  • Exterior
      • Bumpers
      • Reservoir
      • Systems
      • Rocker
      • Panels
  • Exterior trim
carpet process rolled goods overview
Carpet Process (Rolled Goods) Overview
  • IAC manufactures two types of carpets
    • Woven Carpet – These are manufactured from Yarn
    • Non-Woven Carpet – Manufactured from Synthetic Fiber
  • Cutting and slitting rolls with traceability to original parent roll
  • Manufacturing order allocation of assigned and unassigned rolls
  • Inventory availability by quality of roll across plants and warehouses
  • Bill of material, recipe formula and dye lot management
  • Details of each carpet produced needs to maintain throughout the manufacturing process as well as post shipment for many years
carpet process workflow woven
Carpet Process Workflow(Woven)
  • Dyeing
  • In Dyeing process tufted carpet rolls are sew-in together to make a continuous roll, which is then fed under rods that color the carpet.
  • There are other methods to dye the carpet.
  • Inspection
  • Inspection is the final process where each carpet is carefully inspected for color uniformity and manufacturing defects before it is rolled, wrapped and shipped.
  • Preparing the Yarn
  • Yarn arrives at carpet manufacturer plant in form tubes or cones
  • These tubes or cones further wound to manufacture cones or Beam sets. These cones or Beam sets are transported to the Tufting machine
  • Tufting
  • In tufting process carpet is manufactured on specialized multi-needle sewing machines.
  • Yarn is fed from the creel , one tube of yarn for each needle , and threaded through the needles.
  • A tufting machine can produce several hundred square yards of carpet per day.
  • Latex Coating / Shearing
  • In Latex Coating process, a coating of latex is applied to both the tufted, dyed carpets primary backing and secondary backing
  • Shearing is process of removing all of the little loose ends and projecting fibers that might have been created during the tufting process.
woven carpet manufacturing process
Woven Carpet Manufacturing Process
  • Assign Yarn to Creel
  • The Yarn Lot is assigned to Creel Location
  • Issue Yarn to Creel
  • Yarn is transferred to a creel location
  • Yarn
  • Cones or tubes of Yarn purchased
  • Shipment
  • Inspection
  • Final production & reporting program were quality checks are done
  • Greige Booking (Tufting)
  • Production & Reporting of Tufted carpets
  • SEW-IN
  • The WO(Dyed, Latex or Shearing) are scanned to create the inspection records.
  • WO Creation
  • WO is created for each process after this like Dyed WO, Latex WO & Shearing WO
key solution architecture challenges
Key Solution Architecture Challenges
  • Capturing of Detailed Information relevant to Quality and Production at every stage
  • High Degree of Complexity & varied processes in Inspection & Production Reporting
  • Approval Process for Lots & Dye Runs
  • Lack of Features in QAD to support Automobile Carpet Process
implementation approach
Implementation Approach


Systems Analysis & Design

Systems Proposal

Business Analysis

Review Requirements / Mapping

Systems Development & launch

  • Detailed Analysis, design, technical specification for Custom Developments, extensions and Reporting Solution.
  • Approval from IAC business and IT teams for development
  • Understand system requirements with the support from IAC Business Team
  • Prepare system requirements of current applications and “to-be”
  • Submit the system requirements with high level mapping document.
  • Vendor Submits fixed bid proposal for analysis, design, development of System based on approved mapping.
  • IAC IT and business team reviews and approves the proposal.
  • Project kick-off
  • Develop extension as per approved technical specifications
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Deployment
  • Prepare launch plan along with IAC business and IT team
  • Review findings and fine tune.
  • Review system requirements / mapping with Business Team.
  • Finalize and obtain concurrence on the Solution Design / mapping.

4 Months

1 Month

2 Months - Plant

1 Month – India / US

10 Months

Design Approval by IAC IT / Business

Business / IT commitment for the project

Approval from IAC IT and Business Team

Acceptance Testing by IAC IT / Business Team

Participation from IAC Team

development iterative methodology
Development - Iterative Methodology





FS & TS creation/Approval

FS & TS creation/Approval

FS & TS creation/Approval

FS & TS creation/Approval


Test & Fix Defects



Code & Test

Code & Test

Code & Test

Code & Test

On-Site Team creates the Iteration Backlog

Continuous Integration

Up to 2 week

Iteration 3-8 weeks