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The Giver. By: Lois Lowry. Characters. Jonas - an eleven year old boy about to be given a very interesting job Jonas’ father -he works at the Nurturing Center for small children Jonas’ mother -she works for the Department of Justice Lily -Jonas’ 7 year old sister

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The giver

The Giver


Lois Lowry


  • Jonas- an eleven year old boy about to be given a very interesting job

  • Jonas’ father-he works at the Nurturing Center for small children

  • Jonas’ mother-she works for the Department of Justice

  • Lily-Jonas’ 7 year old sister

  • Gabriel-a baby from the nurturing center that Jonas’ dad brings home

  • Fiona and Asher-Jonas’ friends

  • “The Giver”- a man from whom Jonas learns many things


  • The community where Jonas lives.

  • Everything is in black and white there, there are no colors.

  • Everyone’s houses are the same, the number of children is the same, everything is the same.

  • Every child goes to school and at the age of age 12 they start training for their job.

  • No one picks their job, it is picked for them.

Chapters 1 3
Chapters 1-3

  • We are introduced to Jonas and his family.

  • They share their feelings every night after dinner.

  • We hear a lot about “releasing” people from the community but no mention of what it means.

  • There are certain rules in the community that must be followed.

  • Jonas is worried about the Ceremony of 12 when the elders pick the future jobs of the children.

  • Jonas’ dad talks about a child he works with and is concerned about.

  • Jonas’ dad brings home a child, Gabriel,from the nurturing center.

Chapters 4 8
Chapters 4-8

  • Every morning the family shares their dreams from the previous night.

  • Jonas is given medicine so he doesn’t get “distracted” by girls.

  • At the ceremony of 12 the elders skip Jonas.

  • Jonas is then told that he will be the next Receiver of Memory, a very important job.

  • Jonas is a little afraid of his new assignment.

Chapters 9 13
Chapters 9-13

  • Jonas reads the list of rules specific to his new “job”.

  • He is surprised by some of the rules.

  • Jonas meets The Giver of Memories and learns what his job will be.

  • The Giver transmits memories to Jonas, some nice and one painful.

  • Jonas is starting to see colors.

  • Jonas learns that he can have a spouse and children but the Giver says it is difficult to have them.

Chapters 14 18
Chapters 14-18

  • The Giver gives Jonas a more painful memory and Jonas experiences pain for the first time.

  • Jonas’ dad has to chose a twin to release.

  • Jonas is given the memory of war.

  • He does not want to go back to see the Giver.

  • The Giver gives Jonas some happier memories.

  • Jonas tries to play with his friends but it is different now, not as fun.

  • Jonas learns what happened to the receiver chosen ten years ago.

Chapters 19 24
Chapters 19-24

  • Jonas learns what “release” from the community really means.

  • Jonas and the Giver make a plan for Jonas to run away from the community.

  • Jonas wants the Giver to go with him.

  • Jonas learns that Gabriel is to be released so he leaves earlier than planned.

  • Jonas and Gabriel get away from the community and start a new life.