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  2. Categories Special Category I: Best in Digital The entry that showcases the most effective digital ad campaign using any digital platform including viral, social media, mircrosites, blogs, website, apps, gamification, online content delivery portals etc. The entry may be part of the overall 360 degree campaign of your brand or a standalone marketing effort. Results will be judged against metrics that best indicates advertising effectiveness in digital media platform. Special Category II:Passion for Pakistan A campaign or marketing effort that reflects passion for Pakistan and is used to significantly improve the image of the country; not including CSRs. Results will be awarded for best creative idea that enhances the image of Pakistan in a unique and compelling way that also integrates with your product/service/brand. CHOOSING A REGULAR CATEGORY FOR YOUR ENTRY PAS Awards 2014 is not a mediaorplatformspecific competition.The entries ofproductsandbrands that are similar in usageform a category irrespective of theplatform they have leveraged toachieve their objective/s. An entry should be placed in Public Service category, if the underlying objective/s of the campaign is to address or increase awareness of a certain social issue that is for the benefit of the general public or the society at large. Please note that the PAS Awards Secretariat reserves the right to re‐categorize entries and split/redefine categories any time as it feels appropriate. ENTRY KIT

  3. Categories Special Category III: Media Innovation The entry that shows insight and creativity to change the way a particular media channel is consumed - a campaign that has gone beyond the conventional approach to grab its target, and effectively engage with them. Whether the effort was one execution or multiple, and/or used one engagement channel or multiple – the work must represent new and creative usage of the media channels including TV, radio, print, OOH (excluding digital and BTL activations). Special Category 1V: Best BTL Activation Any marketing effort that used BTL activity in a creative manner to engage consumers and generate positive results. The effort could be short-term one-off event or execution of multiple programmes that clearly indicate all parameters used to augment customer involvement and participation. • Entering in MultipleCategories: • You may enter in the regular categoryaswellasin one or more than one SPECIAL CATEGORIES, Howeveryouwill needto submit a • separate entry formwith aseparate set ofcreative samples • andpaythe entry fee for alladditionalcategories. ENTRY KIT

  4. Categories Special Award Campaign of the Year One campaign that out‐shines across all the categories and serves as a benchmark for outstanding work and efforts that has delivered on all fronts. All entries qualify for the Campaign of the Year Award. Special Award Best Original Local Campaign One campaign conceptualized anddevelopedlocally; not adapted fromglobal/regionalconcept that showsexceptional idea,execution,effectiveness and is result-oriented. All locally developed entries qualifyforBest Original Local Campaign Award. ENTRY KIT

  5. Regular Product & Service Categories Automotive and Transport Automobile manufacturers, airlines, railways and allied services. Agriculture and Related Industry: Fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, poultry farms and other related product and services. Banking and Financial Services: Corporate and consumer product and services (includes Islamic banking). Breakfast Foods & Dairy: Bread, butter, jam, honey, milk (liquid and powder), yogurt etc. Beverages – Cold: Soft drinks, juices, flavored milk, energy drinks, bottled and sparkling water etc. Beverages – Hot: Tea, coffee etc. Children’s Products and Services: Baby care products, infant nutrition, leisure products and services etc. Computer & Internet Service Providers: Hardware, software, online services etc. • Confectionery and Snacks: • Chips, biscuits, chocolates, sweets, candies, • chewing gums, supari, peanuts and conventional • bakeries etc. • Consumer Electronics: • Kitchen and homeappliances. • Cosmetics and Personal Care and • Hygiene (men and women): • Skin care, facial wash, hair removing creams, • shower gels, oral care, talcum powder, • perfumes, beauty parlors, sanitary napkinsetc. • Culinary: • Oil and fats, pickles, spices, ketchupetc. • Fabric Care: • Detergent powders and laundry soaps, fabric • softeners, laundry etc. • Hair Care: • Shampoos, conditioners, oiletc. Health Care & Fitness: OTC, diagnostics, surgical replacements, vaccinations, fitness centre, sporting goods etc. ENTRY KIT

  6. Regular Product & Service Categories Hotels & Restaurants: Cafés, restaurants, hotels and related services. Household Furnishings: Carpet, paint, home décor, renovation services, furniture etc. Household Care: Surface cleaners, disinfectants, insecticides, dish washing etc. Ice cream & Desserts: Ice cream, frozen desserts, ice cream parlors, custard and jelly, flavored yogurt etc. Media: TV Channels, publishing houses, radio stations etc. Packaged Foods: Frozen foods, soups, ready to eat meals etc. Petroleum: Petroleum companies, CNG, lubricants etc. Publics Service, Government & CSR: Government and ministries, Armed Forces, NGO’s, Charity organizations, Federations and Associations, CSR, etc. • Political Advertising: • Election and party campaigns etc. • Soaps & Hand Wash: • Liquid and bar soap, beauty and medicatedetc. • Telecommunication HardwareManufacturers: • Handset manufacturersetc. • Telecommunication Service Providers: • GSM, telephone service providers and relatedservices. • Textile & Fashion: • Branded and designer wear, clothing and fabric, • footwear,Fashionretail outletsetc. • Others: • − Art, Culture and Entertainment • − Construction & Real Estate • − Delivery systems (product and services) • − Education • − Events and Festivals • − General Service Industry (Security systems, • showrooms, courier servicesetc) • − Office products and services • − Retail ENTRY KIT