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TeamWorks for Fund Changes

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TeamWorks for Fund Changes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TeamWorks for Fund Changes
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  1. TeamWorks for Fund Changes Automated Workflow for Fund Changes

  2. Agenda • Introductionand Overview– Kim Duncan, OCIO- Information Services • How to E-Transfer in UMS – Beth Hansell, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics & Epidemiology • Validation Elements in TeamWorks – Kim Duncan, OCIO- Information Services • PEAR Officer Validation – Patti Kelly, Human Resources Management • Grants Validation – Mike Bull, Grants and Contracts Accounting • Payroll Schedule – Angela Alford, Payroll

  3. Michele Adelson - OCIO-IS Angela Alford - Payroll Mike Bull - Grants and Contracts Accounting Shannon Condon - Psychiatry James Delamar - Systems and Services Belle Dubis - College of Medicine Alvin Duncan - Consultant from Infor Brian Duncan - Universal Data Solutions Kim Duncan - OCIO-IS Susie Edwards - Budget Office Greg Fisher - OCIO-IS Jill Griffith - Department of Medicine Beth Hansell - Biostatistics, Bioinformatics & Epidemiology Damien Holton - Universal Data Solutions Patti Kelly - Human Resources Management Joanne Langdale - College of Nursing Susan Mappus – Pharmacology Stewart Mixon – Chief Operations Officer Robert Morrison - OCIO-IS Jim Schaffner - OCIO-IS Gene Singletary - Grants and Contracts Accounting Randy Trussell - Grants and Contracts Accounting Patrick Wamsley - Chief Financial Officer Karen Wiggers - Surgery TeamWorks for Fund Changes

  4. Current Fund Change Process • UMS users route Fund Change requests electronically to Sylvia Strickland in HR • Sylvia prints the PEAR forms, and it becomes a manual paper process from there, routing to Payroll and then to Grants, if necessary

  5. TeamWorks Process • The new TeamWorks process is for UMS users submitting fund changes only • UMS users will no longer route the form to HR • Submit the request electronically to TeamWorks

  6. TeamWorks Process • TeamWorks will immediately validate the transaction and send information back to UMS. • Valid transactions will update the HR/Payroll database automatically, within seconds of submitting the transaction. • Retroactive requests will flow to representatives from Payroll and Grants for additional processing.

  7. TeamWorks for Fund Changes UMS Beth Hansell Biostatistics, Bioinformatics & Epidemiology

  8. Validation in TeamWorks • All UDAKs must be valid and active during the span of the transaction. Home Center must also be a valid UDAK. • The same UDAK must not be used twice in a Fund Change distribution set

  9. Validation in TeamWorks • If the project begins with "8" or "69" then distribution policy must be "MUCR" or "AHCR" • Year is required for all projects beginning with "8" or "69," otherwise blank

  10. Validation in TeamWorks • Bridge Funds Indicator • Must be set to “Y” when the Fund Change is a Research Grant Position (the Earnings Account is 50133 or 50134) and not all projects begin with "8" or "69". • If the first two digits of the reporting number of the UDAK is between 10 and 14, the funds can not be used for bridge funding.

  11. Validation in TeamWorks • Employee is a valid active employee at the effective date • The position is valid and active on the effective date and the employee is assigned to that position

  12. Validation in TeamWorks PEAR Officer Validation Patti Kelly Human Resources Management

  13. PEAR Officer Validation Process • For each Fund Change transaction, the TeamWorks process will check to make sure the Net ID (MNA account) of the Submitter matches the designated PEAR Officer for the home unit. • TeamWorks transactions submitted without a valid Net Id (MNA account) will be rejected.

  14. Adding/Changing PEAR Officer Information • Business Managers should Email Mickey Asleson ( to request a change. • Explain the change/addition. Please include the name of the person, NetID, department and unit numbers affected. • Once the change is made in UMS, Mickey will forward the email to Patti Kelly, HR ( • The database maintaining the PEAR Officers’ NetID (MNA account) will be updated. • Once the database is updated, an email confirming the change will be sent to the Business Manager.

  15. Additional Helpful Information • Two reports will be published in IWR listing PEAR Officers. • Link for IWR: • Requesting access to IWR reports: • Contact Sally Bridges – 2-7606 • The UMS Corner on the HR Website:

  16. Validation in TeamWorks Grants Validation Mike Bull Grants and Contracts Accounting

  17. Validation in TeamWorks • Grants Definition of Retroactive • Grants Justification Reason Required • Additional Notes Required when • The reason is Other or • The transaction is 60 or more days retro • Begin and End Dates for SNAP Grants

  18. Payroll Schedule Angela Alford Payroll Manager

  19. Definition of Retroactive • If a PEAR is submitted BEFORE the final payroll run, and the effective date falls into that pay period, the PEAR will not be considered Retroactive. • If a PEAR is submitted AFTER the final payroll run, and the effective date falls into that pay period, the PEAR is considered Retroactive.

  20. Payroll Calendar Please reference the payroll website to access the 2007 payroll dates and payroll events calendar. • Remember if an employee is Bi-Weekly you will need to reference the BW Final dates, and if an employee is Monthly you will need to reference the MO Final dates.

  21. Questions?