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Road to recovery

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Road to recovery
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  1. Road to recovery Begin his Adventure! Sean is a up and coming basketball player who is in his senior year at high school and is looking to take his career to the next level by obtaining a college degree. He has a trial for his selection in a couple of months and hopes too bring his A game on the day and be picked by his favourite college, UCLA!

  2. One day while scrimmaging with a friend, Sean lands on his friends foot and horrifically roles his ankle rupturing ligaments and tendons do you… Completely ignore the injury and finish off your one on one session with your friend Immediately stop playing basketball and take all pressure off of the ankle Attempt to ignore the pain and continue playing

  3. With the assistance of your friend to walk you go back to your house, do you… Ice once or twice before bed and do whatever you want Begin to ice and elevate your ankle and applying a compression band over night Ice your ankle consecutively and elevate only when you feel like it

  4. After trying to play again but quickly realising the pain is to much do you… Go over to a different mates house to hang out with more friends and do different activities Invite your friend over to your house and continue to hang out with him Head home to take all pressure off it

  5. After finishing your game of 1v1 you part ways with your friend and head home, do you… Begin to ice and elevate regularly throughout the night Not bother icing and think a good night sleep is the best thing for it Ice once or twice before bed and don’t bother elevating

  6. After a couple of solid days of icing and elevating with the compression band around the ankle you head to the physiotherapist, do you… Pay full attention to the pyhsio and make sure you do the exercises he gives you regularly Breeze through your physio session and only do your exercises when you feel like it

  7. You have been icing fairly regularly and keeping pressure off your ankle as much as possible through out the week, do you… Keep on going with what you have been doing and hope the pain continues going away Eventually head to the physio to seek further aid in your recovery

  8. After a week or so the pain is not going away and you’re finding that your limp is getting more severe, do you… Go to the physio but never actually do the exercises or any follow up sessions after the first one Realize you need to seek further aid and decide to visit a physio Keep thinking that the ankle shall fix itself and ignore it

  9. You have several horrible night sleeps as your ankle isn’t stopping throbbing and is becoming very swollen, do you… Finally start to ice your ankle to bring down the swelling and be conscious of keeping pressure off it Continue to ignore the pain and not do anything to help heal it

  10. After several weeks of physio and walking with crutches you begin your rehab and slowly start training again, do you… Come back into game form early and ignore your slow recommended rehab plan Be patient with your slow rehab and stick to the physio’s plan to make a full recovery

  11. You gained some useful tips from the physio but didn’t do the exercises required and also discarded the crutches a week earlier then advised, do you… Push your ankle to the limit and try your luck and play a regular club game Try one more time to finally get some advise by getting a MRI to see what damage has been done

  12. As you haven't gone to the physio and weren’t issued crutches, your ankle hasn’t healed well do you… Give it a couple of more days of rest and go to your trial and hope your ankle holds it’s strength Take the advice from your family and friends to seek some professional help

  13. You have done next to nothing for your ankle to recover and the bruising and swelling is still present and taking toll on your walking. Do you… Continue walking on it and play some 1v1 with your friends again and ignore the server pain Go to the hospital and get your ankle put into a moon boot for three months

  14. You make a full recovery and have a great trial day and you get a full scholarship to your favorite college UCLA and accept it! Congratulations!

  15. Your ankle has made a good recovery but your jumping ability isn’t quite what it use to be before the injury. You have a good trial day with making a few big shots and get an offer from a division two college team Central Missouri and accept it.

  16. You have a poor trial day and your skill level has dramatically dropped because of the injury and time away from the game, you get an offer from a division three college but deny it to work at the local gas station for the good money.

  17. Your ankle never heals at all and bruising and swelling is still present therefore being too sore to play on it. You skip the trials and never play any serious basketball again and you have a slight limp for years and years to come.

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