getting to know the ccssm n.
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Getting to know the CCSSM PowerPoint Presentation
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Getting to know the CCSSM

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Getting to know the CCSSM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting to know the CCSSM
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  1. CCLM Common Core Leadership in Mathematics Project Getting to know the CCSSM CCLM June 20, 2011 Melissa Hedges University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  2. Knowing where to find the information is just as important as knowing the information. A question can be answered easily and effectively when one knows how to use the available tools. Navigating the document…

  3. Find your copy of the CCSSM in your CCLM binder. • Search with others at your tables (groups of 2, 3, or 4) to find the answers to the Scavenger Hunt. • Keep track of your findings as best as you can in the space provided – but feel free to use the back if necessary. Getting started…

  4. What’s an “ah-ha” you have about the K-8 standards? • An “Oh no!” Turn and talk…

  5. Let’s make a commitment to “keep a pulse” on our thinking and use this opportunity as a way to reinforce, enrich, and perhaps reframe our thinking around the teaching and learning of mathematics. As we move forward…

  6. Look at this figure – What do you see?

  7. Look at this figure – What do you see?

  8. What is the current impact of the information learned today on your perspective of the direction of teaching and learning according to the CCSS-M? Share a pebble, a stone or a boulder with your table.