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teravalve an innovative technology for water conservation n.
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TeraValve – An Innovative Water Saving Device PowerPoint Presentation
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TeraValve – An Innovative Water Saving Device

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TeraValve – An Innovative Water Saving Device
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TeraValve – An Innovative Water Saving Device

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  1. TeraValve – An Innovative Technology for Water Conservation

  2. “Don’t let the water run in the sink, our life’s on the brink!” How much water do you consume per day? One Gallon or 10 gallons? Few people know how much they use and the amount is likely to be more than 60 gallons per person per day.

  3. Ever wonder if you turned on the tap and found nothing there, how would you feel? We are aware that this day is not too far if we continue to waste water now. Some people do realize and are taking steps to learn how to conserve water. They have installed the most innovative technology, the TeraValve for water conservation. Thinking how TeraValve helps you? Take a quick glimpse.

  4. About TeraValve • TeraValve is based on fluid dynamics • TeraValve reduces the volume of water you use without being detectable until the bill appears • It creates a solid core of backpressure beyond the city meter to reduce air pockets • Teravalve increases the water meter’s accuracy on readings • It can be used in hotels, high rise condos, food processing facilities, car washes, laundry mats, large office buildings and other large water users that are using city water.

  5. Benefits of TeraValve • Balances high pressure leading to lower consumption • Without flow regulators, TeraValve conserves water • It acts as a buffer against surges and pressure • As you are charged for volume, it removes air pockets so you are only charged for water

  6. Is TeraValve Safe • Yes, of course! TeraValve is constructed using durable and strong stainless steel and Delrin. And also, it complies with ANSI 61/NSF standards making it safe when in contact with portable water.

  7. Want to cut your utility bills using TeraValve? Visit www.teravalve.net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeraValve Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeraValve Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/114981045064239045463/about