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Water Saving Irrigation Journal

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Water Saving Irrigation Journal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water Saving Irrigation Journal
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  1. Water Saving Irrigation Journal

  2. Water Saving Irrigation is a national bimonthly technical journal in the field of water saving irrigation, published and distributed in China and abroad.

  3. In 1976, the Water Saving Irrigation Journal was approved by the Ministry of Water Resources, published and distributed throughout the country. The journal is originally named as 'Sprinkler Irrigation Technique', and then renamed as its present title in 1996 to meet the demand of rapid development of water saving irrigation in China.

  4. Water Saving Irrigation Journal is sponsored by the Chinese National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage, the China Irrigation & Drainage Development Center, the National Center of Efficient Irrigation Engineering & Technology (Beijing), as well as the Wuhan University. The editorial office is set up in the Wuhan University.

  5. The journal publishes general research papers, review articles and newsletters. It covers the following topics: ·Sprinkler and micro-irrigation techniques. ·Other new and advanced techniques of water saving irrigation. ·Findings from experiments and research works.

  6. Management and operational experience of water saving irrigation works. • Planning and construction of water saving projects. • Basic knowledge and lessons related to water saving irrigation works. • New water saving irrigation facilities and products. • Information and progress from ICID families and other countries.

  7. At present time, more than 3000 copies of each issue of the Journal are distributed in China and worldwide. The journal has made a great contribution to the development of water saving irrigation works in China. As a result, the journal has been given the award of "Excellent Periodical of Ministry of Water Resources“ by the State Ministry of Water Resources. It has been listed in "A Guide to the Core Journals of China".

  8. In celebration of its 100th issue Professor B. Schultz, the president of ICID, wrote a letter of congratulations to the Journal, which is a great encouragement to the editorial staff.

  9. Today, agricultural water saving shows its urgency and challenges for the new century. The Journal will continue making its mark in contributing to the development of water saving irrigation worldwide. In order to meet the demand from international readers, we plan to publish detailed abstracts in English language from the selected papers and articles each year to offer WATSAVE Work Team of ICID and ICID-Central Office.

  10. Water Saving Irrigation Journal is the fruit of collective contribution by editorial office from 1976 to present. It is the only one journal in the field of water saving worldwide. In consideration of it’s contribution, the editorial office has applied for Water Saving Award in 2002 to the Journal not to any person. As a former editor in chief of the Juornal, I sincere hope to get support from Water Saving Work Team of ICID.

  11. Thank you very much