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Welcome to. Workshop on Mee Seva - LRMIS Data Purification. 9 th December 2011. Mee-Seva Introduction. As per the Electronic Service Delivery Rules (2011),Government of Andhra Pradesh has initiated the Mee Seva Project, under which nine revenue services are initially lauched.

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welcome to

Welcome to

Workshop on

Mee Seva

- LRMIS Data Purification

9th December 2011

mee seva introduction
Mee-Seva Introduction

As per the Electronic Service Delivery Rules (2011),Government of Andhra Pradesh has initiated the Mee Seva Project, under which nine revenue services are initially lauched.

The Project was launched on pilot basis in Chittoor District by Hon’ble Chief Minister on 4th November 2011.

Subsequent Roll-out is planned in Krishna and Khammam District.

By 31-3-2012, all districts should also start Mee Seva services

what is mee seva
What is meeseva?

MeeSeva is an e Governance initiative by Govt. of A.P. to improve delivery of citizen services and simplify the process of accessing them.

This is made possible trough the meesevaportal through which any citizen can access the available services by submitting an online request and making stipulated payment. The citizen gets a digitally signed certificate either at the meeseva counter or through courier at his door steps depending on the time frame fixed.

Thus he need not go to the Government Offices again and again wasting time and money.

land records related services
Land Records related services

Four Services related to Land Records data are included under Mee Seva Project. They are:-

  • Issue of Adangal / Pahani
  • Issue of Extract of ROR 1 B
  • Issue of copy of FMB Maps
  • Issue of Village Map
lrmis vs mee seva
LRMIS vs Mee Seva

LRMIS data is available in the client-server based stand alone LRMIS 6.5 application. The data is in Oracle.

Mee Seva is a web based application with a Central SQL Server data base located at State Data Centre, Hyderabad.

issues to be noted
Issues to be noted

In LRMIS 6.5 SSID is the key factor.

In Mee Seva Khata Number is the key factor.

During data porting validations are made on:

1. Khata number should not be null or zero

2. Duplicate khata numbers are not allowed

3. Pattadar name can not be blank

4. Occupant name can not be blank

5. Pattadar/ Occupant extent should not be zero

6. Total Extent can not be zero or null


Thus our prime aim is to purify the Land Records data using LRMIS 6.5 software.

You will be given mandal-wise check lists to identify such data gaps in your LR data.

Take the help of your hand holding person to get the checklists.

khata numbers
Khata Numbers
  • Allot correct Khata numbers to all valid pattadars
  • If Khata numbers are not given earlier, follow a notional khata starting from 100001 in each village.
  • For Govt. lands, follow the khata numbers as per the series which is in practise (ex. 95201)
data porting
Data Porting
  • The corrected LRMIS data from all the mandals will be combined into a single database.
  • This data will be then ported to SQL Server 2008 using some scripts which verify data consistency.
  • The SQL data will be then ported to the State Data Centre.
  • The list of rejected records will be provided to each mandal for subsequent actions.
digital certificates
Digital Certificates
  • All Tahsildars will be issued a unique digital certificate by National Informatics Centre (NIC), Hyderabad in 2 batches – 26 mandals on 9th, 25 mandals on 31st Dec.
  • The Tahsildars will be given individual usernames and passwords to login to Mee Seva Portal.
  • They can see the ported LR data, record by record, verify the same w.r.t manual adangals and then digitally sign those records in batches of 20.
  • Similarly they have to digitally sign and upload the FMBs to Mee Seva portal.
care to be taken
Care to be taken
  • Maximum care to be taken while digitally signing the records on Mee Seva Portal.
  • If a record is digitally signed, then it gets locked permanently.
  • Any attempt to edit the data will result in a stamp “tampered” on the record. And certificate can not be generated on that record.