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NAB Advice. Some key pointers. Skim over questions first – this will give you initial focus as to what you are looking for. As you read the passage underline anything that stands out – particular word, repetition, imagery etc.

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some key pointers
Some key pointers
  • Skim over questions first – this will give you initial focus as to what you are looking for.
  • As you read the passage underline anything that stands out – particular word, repetition, imagery etc.
  • Read questions carefully – you will be instructed where to find the answer. If you find an example of W.C in line 18 but the question asks for one from lines 12-14, you will get NO MARKS.
  • There are different ways a certain type of question can be phrased – again, read question and passage carefully to find the answer.
  • If you are stuck on a question, move on. Come back to it later.
  • If a question seems confusing, pause and read over again slowly.
  • Attempt every question – use bullet points.
  • Keep an eye on the time – 2 minutes per mark.
the rise of celebrity culture
The Rise of Celebrity Culture
  • Read the article and answer the following questions:
  • 1 a and b.
  • 2.b
  • 3
  • 4
  • 7.b
  • We will go over each one in turn.
1 a and b understanding questions
1 a and b – understanding questions
  • U questions should be easier to find marks. Remember to consider the amount of marks on offer.
  • 1. a the educated/ men of learning/ people who loved their country
  • 1.b changed to famous sports players/ and people from films.
  • The use of ‘explosive’ is extremely justified.
  • Explosive suggests that the amount of publications increased suddenly and dramatically. 1 mark
  • Must make reference to rest of para to justify.
  • Amount of papers required rose 4 fold (400%)
  • Rise in people’s literacy so demand high
  • Changes is technology meant that it could be produced much faster.
  • 2 examples needed – examples must back up that the U.S. public deeply admired these figures.
  • E.g.
  • Anointed – connotations of being rewarded for achievement, being chosen or singled out or blessed for your deeds.
  • Idolized – connotations of being worshipped, revered or extremely well-regarded.
  • You must pick word that apply to U.S. people’s views. Needs to be in context.
  • ‘recasting old metal’
  • Just as ‘recasting’ suggests a complete change in appearance, something different from the original form. So this is applied to the changing opinions surrounding celebrity. 1 mark
  • Evaluation. This is extremely effective as it suggests a complete and total change. The original opinions have been reformed like metal melted down and restructured. 1 mark
  • Also have:
  • ‘melting down’ – once something has melted it can never be the same again, suggesting a complete change.
  • ‘turn full face’ – idea of turning an object to face the opposite direction, suggesting a complete new view point on celebrity.
  • 4 marker. Clearly structured with subtitles
  • List ‘armed with banks of lights….but above all with an aesthetic of glamour’
  • Suggests sheer quantity of resources or materials needed to create these portraits. Not just a simple photograph, it required huge amounts of lights and specialized cameras. 2 marks
  • Word choice ‘coaxed’
  • ‘Coaxed’ has connotations of prolonged effort to achieve an outcome, suggesting that the process was not easy and took a long time. 1 mark
  • Imagery
  • ‘crystallized’
  • Just as crystalizing is turning a liquid into something solid, so the photographers made these actors into permanent symbols of fame/stardom. This process of crystallisation takes energy and time, which would suggest that creating these portraits took effort. 2marks
  • Also: ‘retouching’ (W.C.), ‘armed’ (W.C.), ‘icon’ (W.C.).
tomorrow is free revision
Tomorrow is free revision.
  • Bring notes etc.
  • I will supply past papers/ NABs etc.