hn 347 01 public personnel administration n.
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HN 347-01 Public Personnel Administration PowerPoint Presentation
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HN 347-01 Public Personnel Administration

HN 347-01 Public Personnel Administration

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HN 347-01 Public Personnel Administration

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  1. HN 347-01Public Personnel Administration Unit 9 Affirmative Action, Diversity and Gender Issues

  2. While We’re Waiting. . . If you were stranded on a deserted island with one famous person who would it be? •Donald Trump •Johnny Depp •Jennifer Aniston •Oprah Winnfrey If you could be a cookie, what kind would you be? •Chocolate Chip •Oatmeal •Peanut Butter •Sugar If you could be a bird, what kind would you be? •A Sparrow •An Eagle •A Swan •An Osprey If you could travel, free of charge, which destination would you choose? •Las Vegas •Italy •New York City •Disney World

  3. Affirmative Action, Diversity and Gender Issues • The US Historical Approach • 1941-1946 FEPC- Documented discriminatory practices by federal agencies and contractors • 1948-Fair Employment Board, limited investigations with no enforcement authority • 1955-President’s commission on Government Employment Policy, still no enforcement • 1961-President’s Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity, Established Affirmative Action

  4. Historical Overview of EEO

  5. Why the Controversy? • Highly Valued Jobs • Appears to Contradict the Concept of EEO • Compensatory Justice • How does it apply to Human Services?

  6. Discussion Post • Kellough (2009) states that “there are many reasons why government should be involved in combating discrimination in public employment” (p. 219). In this question, we will discuss workforce diversity in your area and services provided by equal employment opportunity agencies.Is your community workforce diverse enough to meet the needs for human services provided through government and private agencies with public funds? • Does your state EEOC office provide sufficient services to respond to workforce concerns about equal employment opportunity?

  7. Final Project • Final Project: Develop a "white paper" • Develop a “white paper,” which is an essay focused on solutions to recognized problems. Pick two of the most pressing issues in your local community that you outlined in your memo in Unit 3. Then identify two to three strategies to address each issue, analyzing the potential solution by discussing the pros and cons of each suggestion and the ethical issues related to each option. Recommend one of the strategies for each issue, justifying your choice. Discuss how you will address ethical issues related to your recommendations. • Your project should be 5–7 pages of text, plus an APA title page and a reference page, and should be double-spaced in 12-point font. Provide appropriate citations and references in APA format. Be sure to look at the grading rubric in the syllabus to ensure you have covered all of the expectations for the assignment!

  8. Project Rubrics