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Nation of Kings

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Nation of Kings
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Nation of Kings

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  1. Nation of Kings By: Mackenzie Siverd, Zach Birkbeck, Paula Miller, Annabelle Roth, Brendan Becker, Drew Smiley, Zach May, Devon Kelly, Olivia Buentello, and Nicole Arita

  2. Louis IX Government/Politics Ruled from 1226-1270 Came to the throne at age 12 Created a supreme court for France called the Parlement of Paris- could overturn the decisions of local courts Had a reputation for honor and fairness He created a hospital for the poor, blind, and sick He strengthened France’s central government Religion • Was made a saint in 1297 by Pope Boniface VIII Technology/Warfare • He led the 7th crusade

  3. Philip IV Government/Politics Philip was born in 1268 and died in 1314 King of France from 1285-1314 Kings usually had meetings with their lords and bishops when they needed support Nicknamed Philip the Fair To win wider support, a decision was made to include people of the middle class Church leaders- First Estate Great lords- Second Estate Middle-class- Third Estate The whole meeting was known as the Estate General Like Parliament in it early years, estates-helped to increase royal power against the nobility Unlike Parliament- the Estates never became an independent force that limited the king’s power Economy/Trade He increased the royal revenue- the income of a government, used to pay for a nation’s expenses Taxed the clergy- religious leader, for defense of the kingdom

  4. Charles VI Government/Politics He came to power in 1368 at the age of 12 and ruled until 1422 Charles suffered from many different mental illnesses but no one could figure out what they were Charles’ first psychotic event was in 1392 when he attempted to murder his advisor Charles’ uncle was Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy and he took over the government Had two nicknames during his rule- Beginning- Charles the Beloved, End- Charles the Mad Charles married Bavarian Princess Isabeau in 1385 Economy/Trade Philip raised taxes and plundered- to steal goods from a place or person, the treasury Charles fixed his uncle’s mistakes which were raising the taxes and stealing treasure from the empire Technology/Warfare Charles was riding to go to war when a man stopped him and said, “Ride no further, noble king! Turn back! You are betrayed!” Charles did not believe the man and beat him However, Charles then became worried and thought he was riding with traitors- he killed four men, calmed down, and went into a coma

  5. Charles VII Government/Politics He was born on February 22nd, 1403 as the 11th child of Charles VI and died on July 22nd, 1461 Won the French throne with the help of Joan of Arc- after Joan’s victory in Orleans, she convinced Charles to come with her to be crowned king On Sunday, July 17, 1429, he was crowned king Charles was nicknamed “Charles the Well-Served” Charles also set up a royal class using the middle class men as officials Joan was captured in 1430 and accused of being a witch and a heretic Even though Charles owed his crown to her, he did nothing to help rescue her Economy/Trade He found new sources of money in two taxes: -taille- a tax on land -gabelle- a tax on salt For more than 300 years- these taxes were the main source of money for French kings Technology/Warfare Drove the English out of France in 1453 except the city of Calais Set up the first permanent royal army

  6. Louis XI Government /Politics He was the king of France of the house of Valois and he continued the work of his father He used trickery, intimidation, bribery, and espionage-the use of spying Nobles who resisted his rules were bribed or bullied into submission- the willingness to surrender to somebody Nickname- “Spider King” because of how he “spun a spider web” of plot and conspiracy He eliminated rebellious vassals He passed on almost unlimited power to his heirs To protect Europe, he put all his nobles’ courts there Economy/Trade Louis gained more money by using the two taxes Charles VII (his father) created, taille and gabelle He strengthened the economic development of his country

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