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sustainability. facilities management &. the future…. Christopher Russell, Director, NHS FM Network 7 Nov 08. who we are sustainability sustainable design and operation tools and approaches. blue sky environmental. origins in architecture and building design

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. sustainability facilities management & the future… Christopher Russell, Director, NHS FM Network 7 Nov 08

    2. who we are • sustainability • sustainable design and operation • tools and approaches

    3. blue sky environmental • origins in architecture and building design • frustration with traditional M&E approach; recognition of criticality of sustainability agenda • synthesis of environmental, architectural, engineering and management disciplines

    4. driving up standards • understanding of forthcoming drivers – regulatory, commercial and environmental • limitations of existing tools and techniques, e.g. NEAT new ‘BREEAM for Healthcare’ • taking a holistic, organisation-centred approach, moving agenda on from ‘energy/CO2 only’ focus • blue sky research – network of experts & partnerships within range of research organisations

    5. (some of) our services… • sustainability policy and strategy project assessment estate reports specific issues • ISO14001, BREEAM, EPCs and DECs, CSH, etc • thermal modelling, post occupancy reviews - ‘closing the loop’

    6. projects deliveredrecent clients • estate sustainability reviews • standard & bespoke BREEAM assessments • policy & strategy development inc. ISO14001 • carbon management and emissions verification • energy & thermal modelling assessments • post occupancy reviews • sustainable design framework

    7. sustainability • key organising principle with multiple compelling drivers • sustainable buildings are well designed, effective, pleasant and popular – i.e. good buildings • a sustainable building should cost no more than a good building… whole life cost benefits… • if cost of good building is high, what sort of building does lower cost entail?

    8. increasing recognition of the issues…

    9. departmentofhealth sustainability ‘mind map’

    10. can we afford to be sustainable? “…results show that major improvements in sustainability can be achieved cheaply and even at no cost at all… Reaching the highest standards of current practice can incur some cost premium, but careful consideration of designs and specification at an early design stage can minimise these cost premiums compared with a more ad hoc approach…” BRE, Putting a Price on Sustainability, 2005

    11. stating the case • “Money spent on good design can be saved many times over in construction and maintenance costs…” • “Awarding contracts on the basis of lowest price tendered is rarely value for money; long-term value over the life of the asset is a much more reliable indicator. There are clear links between whole-life costs and sustainability…” • “…a key part of a successful approach must be to ensure that the sustainability of the completed facility is a priority, taking full account of its whole-life costs” - OGC, Whole-life Costing and Cost Management - Achieving Excellence in Construction, 2007

    12. sustainability and buildings: increasingly stringent drivers • 2000/04 – UK Sustainable Development Strategy, UK Climate Change Programme, PPS22, Energy White Paper (60% target), Choosing Health white paper, NHS Good Corporate Citizen initiative… • 2006 – Stern Review, Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Act, Towards a zero carbon future… • 2007 – EnCO2de, Energy White paper, PPS1 Sustainable Development… • 2008 – EPBD: EPCs, DECs, BREEAM:Healthcare, Strategy for Sustainable Construction, Climate Bill (80% target)… • 2009/10 – Carbon Reduction Commitment, BS EN 16001 Energy management; Code for Sustainable Buildings… • 2016/19 – all new UK buildings to be ‘zero carbon’…

    13. Sustainable design & operation NEAT

    14. Sustainable design & operation • BREEAM replaces NEAT recent NHS Estates progress report: reduction in total CO2 emissions will fall short of the DoH target of 15% by at least a third

    15. NHS Energy & Carbon Sustainable design & operation • 2008 SEI report • calls for 26-32% cut by 2020

    16. NHS Energy & Carbon ‘Monitoring and targeting’ approach can be key to improving energy performance – measure…define baseline…monitor variations…identify causes… set targets…monitor results…review

    17. Sustainable design & operation NHS & waste • waste is key issue throughout construction and operation… • WRAP programmes to minimise arisings and use recycled content • SWMPs – compulsory on all schemes over £250k from April 2008 • NHS’s own environmental policies that cover waste

    18. tools& approaches • sustainable in operation? how do you know? • ongoing commitment • environmental management • monitor, target, review

    19. BREEAM XB • BREEAM XB (existing buildings) - a credits based, self-assessment tool • replaces and improves on NEAT for existing premises • based on standard BREEAM categories • certification via licenced assessor

    20. BREEAM XB

    21. ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

    22. 6 Steps to Environmental Management • Phase 1: Securing commitment and establishing the baseline • Phase 2: Identifying and ensuring compliance with legal, customer, market and other requirements • Phase 3: Developing objectives, targets and programmes • Phase 4: Implementation and operation of the Environmental Management System • Phase 5: Checking, audit and review • Phase 6: EMS acknowledgement under ISO14001

    23. sustainable FM

    24. Chris Russell Director 7 Constance Street, Knott Mill, Manchester, M15 4JQ telephone 0161 236 0355 mobile 07970 674815 email [] web [] offices also in Truro &  Accrington